We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the meet!

HOT News that needs your attention:

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16) Dinner reservations have been made for Friday at 8:30 pm for coaches and officials -- but -- Doug Fonder needs to know how many are attending from your team. Please call or text to Doug so that the reservation can be accurate. Doug Fonder's cell = 540-397-0505.

8) Reminder: Prelims start in the morning at 8:30 am and the warm ups can begin as early as 7 am.

17) The 500 free and the 1650 events are going to be contested in two pools, each with an 8-lane course. So, the timeline is not going to change.

18) All the relays are contested each night as part of FINALS. The "C-relays" (and beyond) are going to swim as exhibition.

19) Bring your checks (for entries) made out to ISCA.

20) Help with Swimmers Recon so that the times count at USA Swimming: Check the link in the button and fix the swimmer specific issues. Alerts are presented here.

Recon Spreadsheet

Prior News, updated and worth repeating.

Thursday Pre-Meet Warm Up Schedule:

  • From 4 pm to 6, there are 8 lanes in the big pool open for warmups.
  • From 6 pm to 8:30, there are 3 lanes in the big pool open for warmup.
  • Furthermore, the back pool has 3 lanes open from 4 pm to 7:30 pm.
Psych Sheets
Meet Timeline

2) Teams can warm-up at the facility on Thursday evening. Times are:

  • From 4 pm to 6, there are 8 lanes in the big pool open for warmups.
  • From 6 pm to 8:30, there are 3 lanes in the big pool open for warmup.
  • Furthermore, the back pool has 3 lanes open from 4 pm to 7:30 pm also.

3) Friday night, 30-minutes after the meet concludes, Coaches and officials are to join Doug Fonder, ISCA President, for a gratis meal and an in-depth discussion on how to upgrade the experience for this meet in future years.

4) Spectators are to pay $15 per day or else get a 3-day pass for $40.

Cash or Check (to ISCA) only.

5) Suit vendor, Jolyn, a favorite among the female swimmers, is going to set-up a sales area throughout the day on SATURDAY.

6) Expect email updates on a regular basis from Doug and ISCA.

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7) Share the meet logo for others in your club to see!

8) The start times for the meet on each day is now at 8:30 am. Warmups would start at 7:00 am and each team would be assigned lanes to use as they wish for warmups from 7:00 am – 8:20 am. 

Finals session start times have been adjusted by 30 minutes to warmups at 4:00 pm and start the meet at 5:00 pm.

9) Entry notes: There were some 12-year-olds in open events and I believe they were mistakes so I put them in the correct age group for the same event. Only exception was one 12 year old that was entered in the Open 400 IM because there is no 11-12 400 IM. Swimmer is left him in the event. 

10) Changed order for the Sunday Sessions. Run all individual events (except the 1650 Free) first then the relay events and run the 1650 Free as the last event. 

Session Report/Timeline reflects this change, and it is posted on the website's front page.

The meet has not been seeded as we expect to do positive check-in, then seed the sessions.


11) The meet's teams have been updated to include Dragon Swim Club on the website.

12) NOTE, spectators need to pay at the door with cash or check! See #4 below.

13) The PSYCH Sheets and Timeline are posted on the website's home page. We can't include the attachments in the bulk email. Links at the top of this email and at the home page at https://SwimISCA.org

14) Any Changes and scratches to the Friday AM session are expected to be sent in by email by NOON on Thursday so that we can print the programs. Email can go to Doug Fonder -- but the actual meet administrator's email will be posted to you in tomorrow's email upddate.

15) The exact time for warm-ups for Thursday are going to be sent in tomorrow's (Tuesday's email update. Stay tuned.