March 16th 2021

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AMTA Wyoming Member

I am so happy that it's spring. At least in my corner of the state! Please take the time to read through this newsletter. I have a lot to ask of you!

There are countless demands on our time. I get it. We work, we play, we have families, hobbies, and obligations. This is why we need you! You are good at what you do and each of us has something to add to the conversation.

Being involved in the state AMTA board has a lot of benefits. You will get to know other massage therapists, be involved in who we bring to train us, have the opportunity to travel to national events, and grow as a leader.

One opportunity is the Government Relations Chair which is an appointed position that needs to be filled by the 20th. This person will need to submit an email of interest to me by the 19th of March and be able to do a grant application by April 30th.

This year we will vote for president, board member, secretary, financial administrator and delegate. If you are interested in the fun and connection that working with a team brings, I encourage you to apply.

Applications for the open elected positions will be accepted until 4/18/2021.

Please, email Mary, our online election coordinator directly at for your application.

Bethany Taylor Winzenried, LMT
AMTA-WY Chapter President
Spring 2021 Elections

Available Positions:
  • Chapter President
  • Secretary
  • Financial Administrator
  • Board Member
  • Delegate

Elections will take place online:
  • March 18th: Call for Candidates/Applications Available
  • April 18th: Call for Candidates and Applications Close
  • April 28th: Voting Opens
  • May 8th: Voting Closes
  • May 16th: Election Results announced

** If you are interested in one of the open positions on the board please email Mary and she will get you the information:
Get Involved with AMTA-WY
Consider running or encouraging another AMTA Member to run for one of AMTA-WY Chapter’s open volunteer positions! 
Need some inspiration? Click here

Overview & Purpose
As an AMTA-WY board member you become an active participant in the massage happenings in the state and country. All positions are 1-2 year commitments. I recommend that if you are new to board positions, that you become familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order. The Dummies version is a lot easier to understand than the original 1876 version!

What Volunteering Has Meant to Me
Being an AMTA-WY volunteer has meant networking with massage therapist from all over the state and country, attending trainings and meetings, and being involved with the massage community. It also means editing this article for the 19th time while in the bath at 11:30 pm after a full day of massage. We know how hard it is to be a massage therapist, especially if you are self-employed. The commitment to this organization is not to be taken lightly, but is worth it!

I first attended the 2018 Annual Chapter Meeting as a student. The following year I was elected as the Financial Administrator at the 2019 Spring Conference. Through no fault of my own, I became the state President in 2020. Though I did not know much about AMTA-WY at the time, I joined a great group of people dedicated to massage therapy who helped me learn my role. National AMTA hosted a training last June for FAs, GRs and our presidents at their headquarters in Evanston, IL. While there, I met many of the FAs from around the country and was able to get to know some of my local Wyoming board members better. As a board member, I now attend all the educational events that we host. This has allowed me to become familiar with massage therapist from around the state and some from neighboring states. Our entire Wyoming board was able to attend the volunteer training program in 2019 (pictured above) which is part of the National Convention. We spent time in Indianapolis with other board members, representing all 50 states, and with each other. I am passionate about massage, education, and camaraderie. Being on the AMTA-WY board has been a wonderful experience. I hope you can find it as rewarding!

Future Events
Annual Chapter Membership Meeting - Virtual

SUNDAY, May 16th
5:00 pm

You are invited to join us for our Annual Chapter Membership Meeting! This meeting is open to all AMTA Wyoming Members.

Please register from your computer, tablet, or smarthpone here.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The AMTA Wyoming's Annual Chapter Membership Meeting offers an opportunity for it’s members to get involved with AMTA Wyoming Chapter's initiatives, hear news from the Wyoming Chapter Board, and get election results.

Whether you’ve been attending these for decades or it’s your first time, please join us!!
AMTA Wyoming Fall Workshop 2021

Tentative: October 2, 2021—October 3, 2021

Elizabeth Drapela of Jackson, Wyoming will be teaching an introduction to the basic techniques and concepts of Thai Massage on the Table.
CE Credits: 6
Save the Date
AMTA 2021 National Convention
We look forward to bringing everyone together again for the next AMTA 2021 National Convention in Tampa, Florida August 26-28, 2021 to celebrate the massage therapy profession.

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