Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Increased Vision - Increased Opportunities
In 2015 our family left our home in Wilmington, DE to go serve on foreign soil in Costa Rica.  Now, over 3 years later, we have been strategically placed in South Florida to impact the world!

We are currently living outside of Fort Lauderdale as Nate continues to do mission's work, serving as the International Development Manager for Praying Pelican Missions.  He will be helping to develop our international operations by encouraging our partner pastors and training up quality staff that can lead life-changing missions trips that produce fruit...fruit that will last!  This year alone Nate will be traveling to the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.  

Previously, we had our hearts set on developing Praying Pelican Missions in Costa Rica Rica as a country that would lead the way in receiving mission teams.  Equipped with amazing staff ready to serve, relationships established in the communities, and ministry opportunities that support the local church and vision of the pastor, we helped to set up PPM Costa Rica to thrive.

Now we are reaching further and paving the way for the Gospel to go deeper as we develop international partnerships and staff not just in Costa Rica, but around the world!

We are honored to be your missionary family from the World!

We were thrilled to have 8 of our full-time international staff in attendance with us at our annual December PPM Meetings.  Some of them enjoyed the snow, and some definitely did not!
Increased Need:
Monthly Supporters Needed!
We have quickly come to realize that being missionaries based out of South Florida is not as intriguing as when we were living in Costa Rica.  We have not been battling off scorpions, snakes, or tarantulas here.  Yet, over the past few months we have seen our monthly support decline even though our expenses have increased.  We are now in need of $500 in monthly support.

We need you! 

Would you consider joining our Monthly Support Team?  

If you are currently one of our monthly supporters, would you consider increasing your support to help meet our current need?  We can't express our immense gratitude for our amazing supporters who have been so faithful to support us prayerfully and financially, some for years!

Thank you for being part of what God is doing to help short-term missions around the world

This Month Around the World:
Dominican Republic & the Bahamas
January 10-13:  Nate will be in the Dominican Republic working to grow PPM-DR professionally in-country, along with spending time and helping to equip the Dominican full-time and seasonal staff.

January 18-20:  Nate will be helping to launch the first ever Bahamas Pastor's Conference!

Thank you for keeping these dates in prayer, along with Laura and the kids as they stay in the USA while Nate is traveling.
December's Photos
December brought in Laura's parents from Delaware!
Living strategically close to Florida's international airports is already bearing fruit.  After a long delay of his flights, Jovani, our full-time staffer in Haiti needed a place to sleep for the night before his next flight the following day!
Malachi's soccer team is on a winning streak, and Malachi earned the title of MVP after scoring 4 goals at one of his games!
Isaiah has some skills, including laughing and smiling the whole time he dribbles the ball down the field!
Nate's Aunt Lori & Uncle Lewis came down from Orlando to spend the weekend before Christmas with us!
We were reunited with Jonathan, our staff from Costa Rica, as he came to visit before heading up to our week of meetings in Minnesota.
From South Florida to the World, 
you're helping to make missions happen!  
We hope you will join our Monthly Support Team today!
Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah