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To all persons and organizations with an interest in Senior Issues in the State of Colorado:
Every year for the past 38 years, Colorado Senior Lobby - an all-volunteer organization - has represented the interests of Colorado seniors at our Legislature. How do we do that?

First is the monitoring of the over 600 bills introduced by the legislators each year; culling out those that might impact seniors. Then, to dive deeply into those particular bills, which may number as many as 100, to understand what is trying to be accomplished with each bill, to discuss in an open session how those bills will positively or negatively impact our rapidly growing senior population, and then to actually lobby and testify for or against those bills. Again, all with volunteers. 

Second is by raising awareness in the legislature of CSL and its role in representing Colorado issues impacting seniors. This happens through lobbying, and through the annual Senior Day at the Capitol. 

Finally, CSL volunteers work throughout the year to identify and push forward on key issues of interest to Colorado seniors - primarily revolving around Quality of Life. This may include Financial and Physical Protections for Seniors, Affordable Housing for Seniors, Seniors in the Workplace, to give three examples. 

We need you to join us as a member. This helps in many ways, but the two most important are in increasing our clout at the legislature and in having your annual dues to help defray the costs of operating the organization. 

No organization can exist without financial support, no matter how frugal the operation. 

Please take the time to sign on as a member. It is inexpensive, and it’s WORTH IT! 
You can join online using a credit card or mail in an application with your check. We also have set up monthly subscription membership program if you want to give a little every month.
And if you have already joined, we thank you!
CSL Executive Committee Officers & Board Members
Chairman – Bob Epstein – 303-470-0438 – President: Douglas County Senior Foundation
President – Ed Shackelford – 720-353-3775 – Real Living CO Properties
Vice President – Kip Bishop – 303-903-3004 – Senior Mortgage Solutions, Inc
Secretary – Treasurer – Robert Brocker – 303-862-8711 – A Little Help, The J R Bentley Company, Citizen Senior Advocate
Immediate Past President – Michael Drake – 303-862-8555 – Community Representative
CSL Board of Directors
Jeanette Hensley – 303-249-5598 – Community Representative
Kelley Horton – 720-690-1423 – Dementia Connections Coalition
Christina Johnson – 303-988-1437 – Colorado Commission on Aging
Kelsey Lesco – 303-722-0300 – Disability Law Colorado
Diane Martini – 303-731-1947 – Easter Star Retirement Campus
Harvey McWhorter – 720-275-5746 – 50Plus Marketplace News
John Stoffel – 303-757-6302 – Community Representative
Rich Mauro – 303-480-6778 – Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
– Board of Director & CSL Chairman of Legislative Committee
Have a question - Call CSL at 303-832-4535
Colorado Senior Lobby
Colorado Senior Lobby is a 501(c)(4) non-profit and contributions and membership fees made to the organization are not deductible.