Wow... It's almost August!
As we are planning for the 2019-2020 school year, we would greatly appreciate your feedback if you haven't provided it yet!
Your opinion and suggestions will help us create the
best programming we can bring to you next year!

What did we do well?
How did we impact you?
What can we do better?

We would like to thank teachers and community members who volunteered their time to make these workshops happen - and of course YOU, our participants, for joining us and making the
program such a success!

There will be a FREE DRAWING for a fun, family-friendly prize for all those who return the survey, so please take the few minutes to fill it out,
and know you're helping us greatly!
Our events are funded by local businesses and YOU!
Aspen Family Connections is a true collaborative - a joint-venture organization that exists thanks to partnership and grants from local and state sources.
We are endlessly grateful to these entitities for making our work possible and - this year - to the incredible individual donors from our own community - for helping us consolidate and diversify our funding, to build a more secure future.
If you have been impacted by Aspen Family Connections and would like to help us make our 2019-2020 year a success, please donate through Aspen Education Foundation (AEF)
( please note your donation is for Aspen Family Connections)

Click here to see a list of current donors!