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We have a strong relationship with a number of folks who live at the Villages of St. Barnabas. Some arrive on a bus for Sunday worship. Others attend a Thursday Bible Study led by Paul White. This is a difficult time for everyone, especially for Seniors. The public areas at the Villages are closed. We believe that the gaps caused by Social Distancing can be closed by the love of Jesus.
Please consider joining our “Adopt- a-Villager” ministry. By stepping up, your household commits to making a weekly phone call to your adopted Senior. That is all you do. If there is something to report, you will be given instructions to contact the Church Office. Show the love of Christ in you.

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Response Team

Corona Check-in Calls are being made to our older members. When a need is identified, Response Team members will receive an email. If you can meet the need, claim it. If someone claims it before you, pray for it. In all cases, you will see the mystery of Christ in us.

So, what kind of needs are we talking about here?  Needs may include grocery shopping, prescription pick up, and other non contact errands. Our goal is to help those who need provision in a safe and efficient manner.

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Coronavirus:Talking to Kids
Home Worship Preview
PRAYER - Lord, help me to look past my own circumstances and to the needs of others. Remind me that nothing is outside of your control. Let everything I do and say be a reflection of your love and grace. That by my life others would know you, my hope and my peace. Amen