An Update from us on COVID-19
- April 8, 2020 -

Business Information for Advocacy and Program Support

In our efforts to influence mitigation measures to support business during and following COVID-19 outbreak, it would be helpful to demonstrate impacts to government officials based on the number of businesses and their number of employees they have that the Chamber represents.

Can you please tell us by sending us an email including below.

  • Business sector or type of business:
  • Number of years in business:
  • Number of employees you had before COVID-19:
Please check out our updated list of open essential businesses in the Kensington and Area. (being updated frequently).

Please EMAIL any changes or additions. (so that the list doesn't get accidentally deleted.)

We are encourage everyone to
Please use this information to make informed choices
to meet your essential needs.

Daily briefings at Federal and Provincial levels do not always provide new or material information about programs or resources for business. Therefore, the  Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce will no longer provide ‘daily updates’  but rather, we will provide updates when any new or material information is announced. 

Please continue send us your questions or concerns, as we remain committed to providing feedback to governments.

Please keep checking our website and the resources listed below.
For the most reliable and up-to-date provincial information and resources on COVID-19, visit the  Province of Prince Edward Island’s COVID-19 information page.

The following government resource pages are available to you and your business: 

  • Extension of the Jobs for Youth application deadline from March 31 to April 30.

Check with your financial institution and lending authorities to confirm their loan repayment options.

The purpose of the CSBC is to measure the impacts of Covid-19 on businesses in Canada. It will provide important data to businesses, governments, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and thousands of business-related entities. This will help inform decision-making as they collectively navigate the way forward.
Data tables with the survey results will be published on the Statistics Canada website starting the week of April 20, 2020 (or sooner if possible). There may also be visualization products, such as infographics, beginning the week of April 27, 2020. You can also consult the  Canadian Economic Dashboard and COVID-19  on the Government of PEI website to track the economic impact of COVID-19 over time. It will be regularly updated with data on various aspects of the economy.
This survey is one of the largest crowdsourcing surveys conducted in such a short time period in Statistics Canada’s 100-year history. It is an example of what can be achieved when like-minded organizations work together to serve Canadians.
As your Chamber, we are here for you and will continue to share relevant information as it becomes available. Please continue to reach out with your questions, comments and concerns.   

For more information, please check out our website at: