Heartland Scuba Center Special BulletinOctober 8, 2013
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   Sandy Channel Entry
Sandy Channel 
     We need your help.  You probably know that Sandy Channel was closed by the state on September 16.  We have agreed to take over the maintenance till May 1 so that it can be re-opened.  Check on the link below to read the press release we sent out to area newspapers.

   Our first challenge happened this weekend.  A big cottonwood tree blew down across the road.  We're responsible for cutting it up and removing it from the roadway.

   We'll work to remove the tree this Sunday afternoon.  We need chainsaws and plenty of labor to get it cut up (It's BIG).  If you have a chainsaw, please come on out with it and help out.  If you don't have a saw, come on out and help with the labor part.  While you're there, the east end of the lake looks like it's really clear right now.  Why not make a few dives?

   Hope to see you there.



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