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You are receiving this email because in some capacity you have either utilized or supported the Youth Center in the past or present! We thank you for being a part of our programming and/or rentals and appreciate you taking the time in reading this email!


WE NEED YOUR HELP! Over the last year, the Milford Youth Center staff, Commission, and Renovation Committee have been working very hard to make sure we get our 103-year building renovated. We are not asking for a state of the art building, by any means - we are asking for a safe, handicap accessible, fire code compliant, and weather resilient building for our youth and entire community! This building was purchased for only $1 from the state and the Town has not had to put any funds towards its upkeep (windows, boiler, renovation to outside stairs, gym lights, etc. have all been possible through outside donations!) We have done the best we can to keep the building as safe as possible but the roof has reached its life expectancy, the gym floor is buckling, half the doors are no longer functional, and the building floods with every rain storm! It's time we, as a town, take responsibility for this building and our only chance is now! We see thousands utilize the building every month, through the 400 registered After School members, the rentals that utilize the building 7 days a week, and our summer camp program! Finally... it is an historical treasure located in central downtown!


So how can you help?


1. Most importantly, round all your contacts (family, friends, teams, organizations) that care about the Center and make sure they attend two meetings:

  • Finance meeting: Wednesday, April 16th @ 7 PM @ Town Hall, Room 3
    • Finance Committee will favor or not favor our Article for town meeting - it will be much easier to get this renovation passed with their support - but they are thorough - so we need to show them how many groups and people utilize THIS building and that moving to another location is not possible
  • Town Meeting: Monday, May 19th @ 7 PM @ Town Hall
    •  WE need to show all Town Meeting members the support we have and how many people truly care and use the building! Our vision is to have lines of people form the Center all the way to Town Hall showing the support. We will have signs of support for people as well! There are currently 230 Town Meeting members and we need 2/3 of them to vote yes in order to get the Article passed! This is very difficult and we need your help!


2. Social media

  • Like our Facebook and Twitter pages
    • Comment (share your stories and pictures)
    • We will be posting daily impact testimonials and info about our programs - share these on your pages
    • Send us pictures and quotes for us to post on the page!


3. Write to your local papers - to the editors!


4. Write directly to the Finance Committee members and/or to Town Meeting members (they have the voting power)! Click here for list of Town Meeting members. 


Finance Committee: 


1. Aldo Cecchi :

2. Philip Ciaramicoli:

3. Alberto Correia:

4. Robert P. DeVita:

5. Jerry Hiatt:

6. William Kingkade:

7. Joyce Lavigne:

8. Charles Miklosovich:

9. Christopher Morin:

10. Marc F. Schaen:

11. Michael Schiavi: 

12. John A. Tennaro Esq.:

13. Vincent Valastro:


We appreciate your support and your time in reading this email! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are in danger of losing this building and the entire Youth Center but with your help...we can make sure that doesn't happen!


Visit our website for information! Click here for video that the youth helped make to show how important this Center is to them!

Milford Youth Center (MYC) mission is to provide a safe environment that promotes self esteem, builds character, and fosters the notion of community and the importance of respecting and serving others. For more information, click here.
April 14, 2014

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