Some immediate requests from Dale
We need your help with worship!
Hello friends of BCCUCC. I have some interesting requests of you regarding our worship services coming up. We need your immediate help in three different ways. They are listed from most challenging to least challenging.

1. BCCUCC is starting up a Worship Technology Team. We’ve come a long way in livestreaming worship. Some of our changes have been by choice and others have come upon us as our social circumstances evolved. The result is that they have become a lot more involved. I discovered this past Sunday that I am not effectively able to manage our technology needs and lead worship at the same time. Since it looks like we are not returning to in-person worship anytime in the immediate future, we need to create a more effective and sustainable worship team. So, we are looking for help. We need the following positions filled by qualified volunteers:

  • Livestream Producers – We need 2 or three people who are capable of managing our livestream productions on Sunday mornings. These people need to be comfortable with computers, have some understanding of Zoom or hosting video conferencing meetings, have some minor experience working with websites, and be capable of troubleshooting problems on the fly (or at least be quick learners on all these items). This role would require a few hours of prep time throughout the week and two hours on Sunday morning (before and during worship). Ideally, we would have more than one person so they could rotate weekly, allowing everyone some weeks to enjoy worship.

  • Video/Graphic Creators – We need one or two people capable of creating videos or slideshows for our worship services. Those interested need to have basic understanding of video editing, or PowerPoint slideshow production and have access to their own computer. This may or may not be needed every week. We will discover this as this process evolves. These individuals should be responsible and able to work effectively with deadlines. The number of hours each week would depend on how involved the projects undertaken become and how much time our creators have to give.

If you have the skills and time to join our Worship Technology Team, please reach out to me ( ). I look forward to working with you!

2. We want your images of Easter! Linda and I are always looking for ways to make our virtual worship more meaningful. To this end, I thought it would be fun to include YOUR Easter images in this week’s Sunday service. So, as you go through your week keep your eyes open for things that bring you joy, hope, love, happiness, or that celebrate life. Take a quick picture of whatever it is, and send it on to me ( ). We need reasons to smile and hope. What better way to celebrate Easter? If I get enough shots, I will include them in the service in special ways. Maybe your resurrection picture will inspire someone else’s faith!

3. We need a strong set of arms. Each year the Chancel Team does a beautiful job setting up our Chancel Flowers for Easter. It takes some time and no small amount of work. This year they need a strong set of arms to help. Some of the Easter flowers they ordered are heavy. They need someone willing to join them for an hour or so on Saturday morning to help move some of the heaviest flowers. They will be wearing masks and gloves and following strict social distancing rules as they do this one special activity for us. If you are willing to help and are able to lift heavy plants, please reach out to Beth Buckley at .

Thank you for taking the time to read this and discover ways you can help to make our worship a more meaningful and powerful experience. Keep yourselves well and safe. Reach out to one another. And know that God loves you!


Rev. Dale Azevedo, Senior Minister
Barrington Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
461 County Road, Barrington RI 02806
(401) 246-0111