July 31, 2019

Dear Oaxis Family! 

Can you believe how fast this summer is going? It’s slipping by and that’s why we are so determined to get Oaxis Entertainment up and running. We care about you and your entertainment needs & desires!  

We are all influenced by something and entertainment is definitely one of the biggest influences in the world! We are creating Oaxis so you and your family will always feel completely safe when watching. That is what our “family focused” model is all about!

We would like to present a partnership opportunity to our Oaxis Entertainment family. If you are interested and/or curious and would like to hear more about this, please click reply and say “ I’m in”. We will then set up a call to discuss this opportunity with you. 

We are still in the ‘capital-building stage’. The amount of funding we need to raise to get this vision started is very large. But anything can be accomplished! It takes a lot of patience, relationship-building & perseverance. We are equipped with all 3! It’s a very exciting time right now for us. When you have a vision as big as Oaxis Entertainment, it takes time to get all the pieces and parts in place so we can continue moving forward.  

Thank you all for being right here with us every step of the way.  

Have a great August and we will look forward to hearing from you. 

Butch & Julieann Hartman
Oaxis Entertainment