NJ Ranks Next To Last In Affordability
Despite what you may have heard about WalletHub's survey on the best states to live, the report was not all sunshine and rainbows. If fact, it paints a horrifying picture for those that pay taxes. According to the rankings, New Jersey comes in at 49th in front of just California when it comes to affordability.
And unless we do something, the cost of New Jersey's energy proposals, which the BPU still has not been transparent about, will only add to that cost burden to live here.

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VIDEO: Dr. Jonathan Lesser
Interview On NJ Energy Policy
Dr. Jonathan Lesser joined Elizabeth Nader of Jersey 1st to discussed New Jersey Energy Policy. You can catch the video here.                                           
WhiteBoard: Let's Be Realistic About Our Goals
Check out this whiteboard video looking at New Jersey's net electricity generation by source and encouraging us to be realistic about our energy goals.                                       
Transparency Watch - 512 Days And Counting...
We are now over 512 days without the BPU providing any further details of added costs coming the way of New Jersey families and businesses from the Energy Tax increases from the policies that are being proposed and enacted.
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