Come to Chat. Come to Listen.
Come to Connect.
Virtual Community Connection Series

Connection is very important. It’s extremely important for me to be connected and sharing with other people, giving them what I feel is important.
-Joshua Roman

Dear Community Partners, Educators, Leaders, and Resilient Humans Everywhere;

We hope that you and those close to you are well and that you are adjusting, as best you can, to the world we are currently experiencing!

These times of social distancing are not only difficult, but have disrupted one of the fundamental aspects of who we are and that which makes us human. We are social beings. Therefore, finding connection is essential during these unusual times. If you are like many of us, each day your emotional and physical energy is spent finding ways to connect with others, keeping your families safe, and reflecting on ways to begin to heal and move forward.

To support your efforts, Whole Child Connection at Children’s Institute invites you to join us for Community Check-In Conversations. Each session is designed to promote connection with others, to discuss pertinent topics of interest, and to provide an outlet for some of the many challenges we know you are living with. Each session will focus on a specific theme and be loosely facilitated by our staff.

Please explore our upcoming Zoom offerings listed below. Future dates without assigned topics are open to suggestions, and open to group sign-ups.

If you would prefer Whole Child Connection staff facilitate a private session with your team, please contact Chiamaka to get connected .

Each session is free to all, open to all, and all are encouraged to attend.

Thursday, April 16

Tuesday, April 12

Wednesday, April 22

Thursday, April 23

Wishing You Peace and Comfort,

The Whole Child Connection Team
Children's Institute