We're All In

July 17, 2022

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Church of the Advent,

Summer is here! We hope you are finding time for rest and enjoyment and that you are experiencing God’s presence and love in the midst of it.

The Holy Spirit is moving at the Church of the Advent! We see this in the ways people are participating in the life of the church, in worship and fellowship, in our care for one another and our neighbor. 

Yet even as we celebrate how God is using us for God’s mission, we have to address our budget. As you heard at Annual Meeting, we have a $69,000 deficit, a portion of which were one-time costs. 

Clergy, lay leaders, and staff have implemented several cost savings that give us the same or improved service. For example, we are saving

  • $3,600/year by switching trash companies.
  • $2,200/year by changing our database and pledge tracking system.
  • $750/year by updating our Comcast plan.

Also, we have applied for the Employee Retention Credit under the Cares Act and for an adjustment to our Diocesan assessment. 

But cost-cutting measures and adjustments are not enough. Getting through this tough time requires all of us, so we invite you to join our We’re All In campaign. Please prayerfully consider pledging an additional amount as you’re able. We ask that you give $500 to the ministry of the Church of the Advent in two payments: $250 in August and $250 in September. 

Our “We’re All In” tree has many hands in different colors and sizes, a reminder that we all have a role to play in the health and future of the church. Without each hand, without each of us, the tree is not in full bloom or health. We know not everyone can give $500, but we hope that those who can give more will do so. All we ask is that you give to the best of your ability. 

Each hand, no matter its size, comes together to create something beautiful, a tree that is home to the birds and provides shade to those in need of rest. We hope the Church of the Advent is that for you: a spiritual home, a place in which you find rest, and a place of nourishment as you seek to follow Jesus. Ultimately it is Jesus who provides the fertile ground and the sure foundation from which we grow and change and live into the mission of God. We hope you will join with your fellow parishioners and with God as we continue to love God, love our neighbors, and love ourselves as Jesus taught us. 

You'll be receiving this letter, the documents below, and a paper pledge card in the mail this week. If you'd like, you can pledge now using our online system. Instructions are below.

Join us in saying, “We’re All In!


The Rev. Lynn M. Campbell, Interim Rector, and Ellison Patten, Co-Warden

New Online Giving and New Database

Vanco is our new online giving system. It’s integrated with Realm, our new online database. 

We’re rolling out these efficient and well-respected systems with We’re All In, but you do not need to make your pledge online or pay it online. 

In the next few months, we’ll share more information about how to use Vanco and Realm. For now, know that these systems are safe and that one of their main benefits is that you can log in to Realm and see your pledge and giving history at any time. 

How to Pledge Online

If you choose to pledge online, click here for step-by-step instructions, including the link. 

How to Give Online

If you choose to give online, click here for step-by-step instructions. 

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