It's never too early to prepare for the future. (April 2018)
In this issue:
  1. how sleep affects performance
  2. training the "big 4" of mental toughness
  3. an alternative to "survival of the fittest"
"Nothing will improve your performance faster than sleeping well."
VIDEO: Dr. Kirk Parsley
Mental Toughness &
Emotional Resilience
- the 4 big skills to train:
1) breath control
2) positivity/attention mgt
3) visualization
4) micro goals
VIDEO: Mark Divine (at 38:00)
"We need to acknowledge our profound ignorance and begin to craft a culture that will be based on some notion of communalism and interspecies symbiosis rather than survival of the fittest . "
VIDEO: Caroline A. Jones, MIT Professor

We're always practicing something.
What we practice grows stronger.
What do you want to grow stronger?
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