It's never too early to prepare for the future. (Dec. 2018)
In this issue:
  1. A year-end reflection & 2019 planning exercise - to help spark your own "burning bush" moment
  2. A quick video on how to bring the practice of transition, intention and gratitude
Planning on Next Year to be Different?
Better Than Last Year?
This article contains a powerful year-end exercise to help us NOT miss it. You may have seen this exercise before or maybe you have one of your own that you can share with me?
How to practice transition, intention and gratitude
Video: from Axialent's Nithya Shanti
-internationally acclaimed teacher sharing practical wisdom for happiness and enlightenment with people in organizations and various walks of life

 We're always practicing something.
What we practice grows stronger.
What do you want to grow stronger?
Executives leading change today (all of us), typically need help strengthening/upgrading two fronts simultaneously:
Create more engaged, innovative and resilient workplaces: apply The Power of TED*
(The Empowerment Dynamic) Explore our e-course or contact me for more info on local, experiential workshops that integrate this and other leadership development programs into your 2018 year-end planning sessions to help your team start strong in 2019.


-do more of what makes you stronger-
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