It's never too early to prepare for the future. (July 2018)
In this issue:
  1. Video interview with Joe Rogan and Firas Zahabi on training smarter
  2. Unbeatable Mind podcast w/CDR Mark Divine on his new book: "Launch"
  3. Collection of 39 original papers from the project
Train Smarter
"Consistency over Intensity"
VIDEO: Joe Rogan sits down with head coach of Tristar Gym (Firas Zahabi) to talk about his uncommon, exceptionally analytical and innovative approaches to training and building MMA champions.

He shares his perspective on how to get hundreds of more reps & more sessions than the competition - this "long game" mentality drives better overall results. " How much (training) volume can you expose your athlete to (in the long run)?"
SEALFIT Founder's New Book
PODCAST:   CDR Divine just finished a rough draft of his new (2019) book "Launch"- originally written for millennials...he realized it is useful advice and insight for all ages/ ANYONE on the verge of something new .

Here's a peak inside his process and the upcoming book.

What makes Mark’s program so effective is his focus on more than just physical fitness... SEALFIT & the Unbeatable Mind Academy is a fitness company that prepares civilians for the physical AND mental/emotional demands of a Navy SEAL-like lifestyle.

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On the Eve of
Artificial Minds
These papers offer a cross-section of ongoing, cutting-edge research by young philosophers and scientists from various disciplines (e.g., psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience) on the topics of consciousness and cognition.

Fun read. If you enjoy geeking out on this stuff, this collection is a treasure chest!

Among many, I would recommend reading " Wild Systems Theory (WST)" and "On the Eve of Artificial Minds" including a timeline for rapid growth in robotics, brain-like computing, new theories of large-scale functional modeling, and financial resources directed at a significant increase in the abilities of artificial minds.

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