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Let's all get back together - join hands and hearts - and get President Trump re-elected while also taking back out House Representative seat.
100 Year Anniversary of Women's Sufferage Movement

What has happened to us? This is a tough question for many of us.

The country has closed down around us. We only get to have contact with those that live in our home. We now know if we really do like each other or not. The more elder of us expose at least an inch of our true hair color. If we normally have an income, we probably no longer receive it. We even have to do all our own cooking, well unless we go 's Suout to dinner, ie: curbside pickup. If we are lucky, the food is still hot when we get home. Speaking of lucky (better yet, blessed), we are the ones that have not lost a family member or a dear friend to the virus. As I look out the widow, I feel like the world should look different. But it doesn’t. It’s just unbearably quiet.

Take heart, this will end. We have so many things to celebrate. This is the 100 year celebration of the 19th Amendment to the constitution , giving women the right to vote.  I am asking and praying that this is also the year that the women voters will unite and with unbelievable enthusiasm, mobilize and turn this state red again.

Get yourself a suffragette outfit and walk with me in parades, work at the Republican booth at the county fairs, help out at a Pybus Market day table and help us find more places we can go to represent the conservative agenda.

President Ellie Ownbey

OUR JUNE SPEAKER IS: Our Legislative Representatives

They will give us an update on what is happening in Olympia and also what we members of CDRW can do to help.

Come equipped with your questions and let's all get on board with helping get our Republicans elected.
Caring for America

It seems like a very long time since we last met. Our last scheduled charity was the "Coyote Closet" at Lincoln School. If you made purchases for them, please consider donating them to any number of groups collecting paper products such as Serve Wenatchee, or the Women's Resource Center. Your donations will be gratefully appreciated.

Our June charity will be our own Republican Central Committees of Chelan and Douglas counties. We would like to donate a large raffle prize to be auctioned to help fund our local Republican Headquarters and candidates at our Lincoln Day fund raising event. We are asking for gift cards in any amounts to any place of your choice (restraunts, retail, food, movies, hardware, Amazon. Pizza, coffee etc.--be creative or not) You might even have some unused cards in you purse! We will batch these together in a book as one huge raffle item. Hopefully, we will be able to donate a substantial amount of money to help our campaign efforts for 2020.

In July we will donate Peanut Butter and Jelly to Serve Wenatchee. School free lunch programs will not continue through the summer and children will need sandwiches than might not be available at home. These are very popular and easily stored. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

                         SHIRTS and more 

In the age of COVID it is hard to think about another crisis but fire season will be upon us soon. We can remind folks to be aware by wearing our black "Log it..Graze it..or Watch it burn" t-shirts.  We have a moderate selection available . Let me know if you want one for $20. Those, and a few red CDRW t-shirts and polo shirts are available or can be ordered. I will bring them to our meetings.

April Featherkile, Chair

Candidate Filing week May 11th thru May 15th

Go to this website and register to become a PCO.

Candidate Registration. This is required for all Precinct Committee Officers.

Not a PCO? Then join us. We need you and it is a great way to contribute to the grass roots of our party.
Want to think bigger? Go to that website and see what other positions are open.
Pybus Market

Just happened to walk into Pybus in February and saw these three beautiful ladies promoting CDRW and all the good we do in our community.

It's fun and you get to talk with some great people while helping us " Become Visible".

Try it. You will like it.

The next "Day at Pybus" is June 13th.

6/1/20        Monday              11:30 AM          Red Lion Hotel             Luncheon Meeting
6/20/20      Saturday            5:00 PM            Wenatchee       Chelan & Douglas
                                                                            Convention Center   Lincoln Day Dinner
                                                 See flier below         

Fun, Entertainment, Dinner & Auction
We are all looking forward to a great evening on June 20th at the Wenatchee Convention Center.

We will have the candidates for Govenor there so you can ask them questions and also the candidates for Representatives.

To get all of the details for this event go can go to

Or call our CDRW President, Ellie at