Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
We're Back in Costa Rica!
Laura with some of our nephews
We arrived back in Costa Rica on January 21st after spending 5 weeks in the USA.  
Some of our favorite things were:
  • Seeing family and friends
  • Eating foods we had been missing (like cereal and blocks of cheese)
  • Visiting with supporting churches
  • Not sweating (actually we were freezing!)
  • Sharing the vision for where God is taking us next
  • Hot-tubbing in the snow
  • Play dates for the kids
  • Laying on soft carpet (not common in Costa Rica)
  • Ice-skating
The list goes on and on! 

Nate was honored to be able to preach 7 times, meet with many of our supporters, and even sit in on 2 different mission trip meetings for teams that are coming to Costa Rica this year!

It was a different kind of trip this year as we wanted and needed to share with our family and friends about what God has been up to and where He is leading us next.  We are sorry that we did not get to see everyone we would have liked to on this trip! 
Isaiah loved taking baths in the USA...a rare thing to find in Costa Rica!
In Case You Missed It:  Big Announcment!
Just two weeks ago we went public with our announcement that we will be moving to Florida in August of 2018.  Due to our success in Costa Rica in training leaders and equipping/encouraging our pastors, the leadership team of Praying Pelican Missions has asked us to move to Florida in order to replicate what we have done in all of our Central America countries.  (Florida is a strategic move because of its international airports.) 

The shifting of responsibilities has already begun as Nate is helping to oversee operations in Nicaragua and Guatemala as one of our staff is out on maternity leave.  We are happy, sad, excited, nervous and feeling every other emotion you could be feeling right now.  We know that God sent us to Costa Rica for a purpose, and we feel we have accomplished that.  Now we are off to expand our influence and see the Kingdom of God expand across Central America!

As we continue on this missionary journey, we covet your prayers and your continued support.  Many people came up to us saying that this move would require more support, and yes, we agree! 
To support the Normans on a monthly basis:
Year in Photo Review 2017
February Trips!
As you are reading this, Nate has begun 3 simultaneous weeks of trip leading!

Each trip is in a different location with a different focus.  Please follow along with the Trip Journals and be part of what God is doing by praying! 
  • Visiting the USA means sleeping wherever you can!  Malachi fell asleep on this huge teddy bear in Ohio.
    January 27-February 2:  Faith Fellowship in Guayabal.  Follow the Trip Journal here.  
  • February 3-9:  Family Life Church in Santa Cruz.  Follow the Trip Journal here.
  • February 10-16:  New Jerusalem Christian Fellowship in San Rafael.  Follow the Trip Journal here.
ALSO, please remember to lift up Laura and the children.  They plan to join in on the trips as often as they can until school starts in February.
Prayer Points
Reagan attended a youth camp with our church, Vida Abudante.
  • Along with the trips listed above, pray specifically that people who do not know the Lord will be drawn into His Kingdom and grow through the local church.
  • Pray for our next 6 months of transition, that we would equip and release well.
  • Pray for housing in Florida.
  • Pray for quality schools for our kids in Florida.
  • Pray for all of us as wrap up our time here, that we would continue to be intentional in our relationships.
Nathan, Laura, Darrell 
(in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah