Clean water for God's thirsty children
We're Back Up and Running in Honduras
Which one would you prefer?
A young boy shows the difference between water from the source, and water purified with a Sawyer PointONE filter.
A newly-trained and equipped Water Woman is ready to begin providing clean water for her own and 3 other families.
After several months of being shut down because of the coronavirus, our teams are back in action in Honduras.

And as part of that effort, we have made our first mission in the far-southern zone of the country.

As with our operations in every part of the world right now, we are careful to take every precaution to protect our team members and the people they serve. While this creates a second set of challenges, everyone understands and has adapted to the new circumstances.
While it is a beautiful, geographically diverse country, Honduras suffers from both deep poverty and a lack of infrastructure to meet its people's needs.
There is nothing that makes a mother happier than giving her child
a first drink of clean water
A little bit from a lot of people will go a long way...
Please consider becoming a monthly sustainer, at $12.50 per month. By the end of a year, you will have helped equip and train 2 Water Women, providing clean water to 8 families.

And please, consider forwarding this email to a friend or two!
Because it's a little bit... from a lot of people...
that will bring more clean water.
A Special Gift for This Year's Cradles of Christ Event
Recently our friend Beth Akins passed on the gift of a Native American Nativity Set along with this brief note:

When I heard Water With Blessings would be working with the Navajo Nation, two emotions flooded my being: sadness that the Navajo were suffering so much from Covid-19 and lack of clean water, but excitement that I could help in my little way.

I’ve felt a special fondness for the Navajo since I was a child. We took trips from Kansas to the West with my aunts who lived in Denver. We covered lots of miles on those summer trips. The Navajo truck drivers were the only ones who would honk their big truck horn for us when we waved at them. We avidly watched the highways for the trucks with “Navajo” on their side.

My sister Becky has a Nativity Set collection and she needed to downsize for a move. When I heard she could not keep her Native American Nativity set, I immediately thought of the Water With Blessings Navajo Project.

Becky’s family and all of us who visit her regularly have enjoyed the Nativity sets for years. As we get to the downsize time of our lives, we seek homes for our treasures – perhaps with those just starting their families. I hope this precious Native American Nativity set finds a loving home with another family for years to come.

Love and Prayers,

Beth Akins

Please remember that we're asking crafters and makers to donate one item (or more) to our Cradles of Christ & Silent Night Auction Event on December 11-13, 2020. With the continued pandemic, we know there are few opportunities for craft shows.

Items with a Christmas or nativity theme do particularly well. If you have items to donate or know someone who might, please share this message. 

Items can be mailed or dropped off at the Water With Blessings office:
11714 Main St, Suite D
Middletown, KY 40249

You will receive a tax receipt too! Thank you for your help. Blessings!
This Week's Coffee Chat Will Feature Our Restarted Efforts in Honduras
This week we will be chatting with team members in Honduras who will be able to tell us how things are going in the southern part of the country, and how they are adapting to the strange new world of the pandemic.

We'll get started at 9am eastern time, so grab your morning beverage, fire up the computer, and prepare to be inspired. Hope to see you then!
You Can Host Your Own Coffee Chat
Are you missing that chance to sit down with your own friends over coffee? Perhaps you belong to a Bible study group or a club that hasn’t been able to meet due to the pandemic? How about a family get-together?

Water With Blessings will host a Coffee Chat for you!

  • We provide the Zoom license and all the set up.
  • You just make an appointment, alert family and friends, and send them the link.
  • You can lead the chat, or we can help you out -- whichever you prefer.
  • Catch up, share, pray... whatever, however you wish.

All we ask is that you give some time to talking about God’s thirsty children and Water With Blessings... and why you support our mission!

If you would like more information, please call our office, or email us at
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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