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July - August 2019

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Hello dear student and welcome to your 2019 Summer newsletter. I hope you've all had a chance to rest and rejuvenate and to enjoy the beautiful sunshine we're having finally! It has been a wet summer so far for sure and luckily, we've had a warm and comforting space for you all to retreat to when the skies are grey. It's been awesome to see all of your smiling faces arriving at the studio throughout the week - excited and eager to begin your practice and to experience the benefits & joy of yoga. Day after day, we get to watch the gifts and transformations inherent in the practice of yoga continually blossoming in our community. 

We're so excited and honoured to have been voted as Calgary's BEST Yoga Studio! THANK YOU for your vote, and more importantly, your continued support and participation in our community! Earning the title of Calgary's BEST is an incredible feat and it's all because of YOU! Your belief in us, your support of us, and the energy and attitude you bring to our community, are what make our space so great and continue to inspire us to be the best we can be! We know our teachers & staff are amazing, we love our cozy space, and we consistently strive to ensure the atmosphere & energy here are in line with our values of inclusion & warmth. And we're so happy that this approach has drawn in such an amazing group of students that see the value and quality of what we're offering. Your support continues to be what inspires us to strive to be the best, and your input in this is so appreciated. You can share your thoughts & feedback through our anonymous annual feedback survey online now, by CLICKING HERE.

Yoga in the Park is still happening twice a week, as well as our popular 2-for-1 Drop-In sale is running now through to the end of August. Half-way through summer means we're closer to our Fall offerings of an expanded drop-in schedule and more of the workshops & series you love! Registration is open NOW for our always popular Transformative Intentions workshop with Bridgette Shaw-Bane, and the Yin & Pin Fall edition workshop with Leanne Shannon & Heather Thompson. Registration is also open for ALL of our series classes! This includes a special Summer offering of our very popular Prenatal Series which is returning to our roster early, by popular demand. We've received a ton of interest in having this series run over the summer and we've delivered on your requests! Please click here if you would like to learn more and register, and please share the news with momma's-to-be. 

Heritage Day long weekend is coming up and with that, we will have class cancellations on the Sunday and Monday. All other classes will be ON all weekend. Also , please join us outside our studio on August 5 for the Tour de Bowness Street Festival. We will have a booth set up with door prizes, free passes, and more! 

As always, thank you to all of you who make Yoga in Bowness such an awesome place to gather and play yoga. We do what we do FOR you and BECAUSE of you! 

With Gratitude,

The Yoga Mix
EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE with unique classes and workshops

Saturday September 7, 3-5pm TransIntent
Sankalpa Workshop with Bridgette Shaw-Bane
$42 regular. $35 early-bird (paid by August 25)

In this special practice, we use special yogic techniques to dive deep into your subconscious and plant a seed (your Sankalpa) for a new direction to take place in your life. Your Sankalpa is a connection to and reminder to live in accordance with one's true purpose & path. This practice is an opportunity to release old belief systems and to begin to create new patterns of thought and habit. 


Saturday September 28, 3-5pm YinPin                                                                                        
with RYT Leanne Shannon and RTCMP Heather Thompson
$50 regular. $40 Early-bird ( paid by September 16)

Align with nature through Yin Yoga & Acupuncture. A unique experience of deep opening yin postures, followed by an extended savasana with acupuncture to bring your system into balance with nature, and to release deep-seeded tension. In this special edition of Yin & Pin, we connect with the season of Fall, the element of metal, and the lungs & large intestine meridians to deeply nourish your mind, body, & spirit. This workshop has consistently SOLD OUT in the past so be sure to claim your spot!

Bringing YOGA OFF YOUR MAT and into your life     
Annual Survey Survey
Your opinions matter to us, and help to shape the future of our community! It takes just 7 minutes to share your feedback & insights with us through our anonymous annual feedback survey
CLICK HERE to provide your feedback now. 

Join us at the tour de Bowness street festival August 5, 10am-4pm!TourdeBow
The Tour de Bowness Street festival is a FREE Family Friendly event where you can explore & celebrate this great community, and all the diverse and interesting businesses and people in it! We love participating in this inspiring day, and will once again have a booth set up on main street (in front of the studio). We'll have Draw Prizes, free passes & more! Come by and say hello & join in on the fun of the day. And for those of you who're interested - this may be your first chance to see owner Ashley, and meet her new baby!

Summer 2-for-1 Drop-in Special continues DropIn2for1 

Our "2-for-1 Drop-in Summer Special" runs all the way to September 1. In alignment with our values of Affordability, Accessibility, and Approachability, our drop-in pass price of $16 is already the lowest in the city. With a 2-for-1 Drop-in pass, that price drops down to $8 a class. Amazing!


Yoga in the Park YogaPark
As we continue to soak up the sun and mild temperatures, we're embracing every opportunity we can to spend more time outside. Which is why we're happy to be offering Yoga in the Park on a regular basis (weather dependent) throughout the summer! Experiencing the focus & energy of yoga, while soaking up the sun and taking in the sights and sounds of nature around you, are such a special experience that we love to share with you! Each week, a couple of our regular classes are held in a near-by park when weather allows, or held in the studio if the weather is not on our side. Check out the main page of our website each Wednesday afternoon and Sunday afternoon to find out where class will be held. Read on for details...

Join us for Yoga in the Park on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm for PowerAlign and on Sunday morning at 9:30am for Hips 'n Hammies.

Location: 6704 Bow Crescent NW   (small green space along river, in residential area, one block off of Mainstreet Bowness Road, and 4 blocks from the studio) 
August Long Weekend Schedule Changes: Aug 2 - 5 AugLong
The following classes will be cancelled on the Heritage Day long weekend:
  • Sunday Aug 4 - 3:30pm Yoga for Backs cancelled
  • Monday Aug 5 - 6 pm Power Align cancelled
  • OPEN ALL DAY Monday August 5, with an on-street booth for you to stop in & say hello!
All other classes are ON all weekend and we hope you'll make some time for yourself between all your summer festivities! Click HERE for the live schedule & to sign up for classes now!

Intro to Yoga  
Our regular Intro to Yoga classes will resume in September, and run on the first & last Saturdays of each month. This class is BY DONATION and is a great place for new students, or anyone who wants a thorough refresher in the foundations of staying safe and getting the most out of your yoga practice. Classes are taught by different teachers each week, allowing students to have a different experience each class. Registration is available online for free, and cash donations are accepted in person at the studio on the day of class. 100% of donations from these classes go to a local organization in need, so you can Pay-What-You-Can, and we can Pay It Forward to spread the kindness and good karma, and help others in our community. If there's a local organization you know of that could use some support, please let us know, and we'd be happy to dedicate the donations from a class to their cause.  

Fall Schedule begins again on September 2!  

Series Classes
SPECIAL INTEREST classes & SMALLER GROUP sizes to focus on your needs 

             Prenatal Yoga                                     Baby & Me                                       Yoga for Kids               
                                      Begins July 31                                                    Begins Sept 16                                                   Begin Sept 17 & 19

Family Yoga                                             Boomers Yoga           
                                                     Classes Resume in the Fall                                                      Begins Sept 18                               

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We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to ASK A YOGI.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Yoga - we truly are a better community because of you!

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