February 2018

We're Celebrating Our Love of a Healthy Planet!
Greetings Friend!

This year for Valentine's Day show your love for the planet by making, wearing and sharing a Green Heart. Each of us has the power to show the love for the places, people, and life we all want to protect from climate change. If you have a couple of minutes or an hour you can make your green heart and share it with the world. Give one to a friend, family members and your grandchildren. Whether you have a couple of minutes, an afternoon, or all the time in the world, there are lots of ways to take part! Sharing your green heart can begin conversations about climate change, clean energy and the planet we will leave behind for our grandchildren. Ideas and instructions ​ ​for making your Green Heart​ ​ you can download from Show the Love . Go green for the planet this Valentine’s Day and post a picture of you with your green heart on social media (and tag Elders Climate Action) and email us your image at info@eldersclimateactionaction.org re: Green Heart.

For the grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Print an ECA Green Heart
Geri Freedman
ECA, Co-Chair
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Letters To Loved Ones
in 2050 Project
DearTomorrow and Elders Climate Action have partnered to collect Letters to Loved Ones in 2050. This is an opportunity to take a moment and write a letter to your loved ones, grandchildren or great grandchildren and let them know what you did once you realized the significance of climate change.

Excerpt from Marilyn Price's letter to her grandchildren:

"For me the most important issue of the day in 2017 was our environment. As you may remember me telling you, I had been concerned about the environmental situation of our world since I was in college. When I retired at the age of 75 I decided to spend all my time volunteering for environmental organizations like Elders Climate Action,  350.org , Organizing for Action, and many local groups. I was not a politician and could not accomplish sweeping changes but I knew that each individual action taken counted. I wish I could be with you in 2050 when you view this message, but my  fervent  hope is that -ultimately the world listened to the scientists and environmental activists and made the world healthy and safe for you and all future children!"
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The Maryland Chapter of ECA has been partnering with Climate First! to protest at Wells Fargo Banks regarding their involvement with funding the Keystone Pipeline. Several of us participated in the Women’s March at the White House last Saturday and some also participated in a training by Climate Mobilization which provided us with new strategies and even a bit more hope for the future.
Above: Maryland Chapter members outside of Wells Fargo.
We love the Maryland Chapter's personalized handmade banner!

Nice work Maryland!
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Talking from your heart about climate change
by Margo Frank, ECA Member

As Elder Climate Activists, we are most powerful when we speak from our hearts. When we do this, we engage others and open doors to conversations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Here are a few tips to remember when you talk about climate change with others:

  • Keep it personal, avoiding scientific jargon and facts.
  • Be genuinely curious! Find out what matters most to someone.
  • Share why you personally care about climate change, focusing on something happening here and now, not in the future. Keep it short!
  • Ask if they or their loved ones or a place they love have been impacted by climate change.
  • Use positive words instead of negating what someone else says. Be appreciative of their willingness to engage in the conversation.

And check out this inspiring short video from climate scientists speaking from their hearts on YouTube.
We've Partnered with the Environmental Voter Project on a new project, Elders Vote for the Climate 2018. Sign the pledge and commit to being a CLIMATE VOTER in 2018!
With a Click, Send a Letter to ​Your ​Lawmakers​ ​about the Health Impacts of Climate Change​.
One of the hidden dangers of climate change is the impact on our personal health and the health of future generations. Send a letter today to request that Members of Congress take immediate action on climate change as the health and well-being of our nation is at risk.
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