March 17, 2020
Carmel Family:

We've mobilized 2 collections and invite you to participate! Details below:
FROM OUR PANTRIES we seek to collect 100+ ready-to-go weekend meal kits for families at our partner school - Merry Oaks Elementary.

Check out this video + the details below to learn more:

As you may have heard, 70 CMS schools in Charlotte will be distributing lunch and breakfast daily. This will be a drive-up system for any child under the age of 18.  On Fridays, they want to send home food packets with the student to help the family through the weekend- and t hat's where we come in.

Each kit should include:
  • 2-3 cans of vegetables
  • 3 cans of beans or 2 bags of dry beans
  • 1 bag of rice
  • a few canned or pre-packaged fruit cups
  • 2-3 cans of tuna/ chicken
  • additional items such as cans of soup, a jar of peanut butter, oatmeal packets, pasta, canned tomato sauce (no glass) and/or a few snack items (fruit snacks, granola bars, etc)
This picture shows the quantity of items we'd like to include in each kit:


Kits should be placed in double bagged brown paper grocery bag (or comparable). All items need to fit in one, sturdy bag.
We are asking that people assemble kits ONLY USING FOOD IN THEIR PANTRY. If you don't have all of the needed items, talk to a neighbor or friend and try to get the pieces together. We do not want people to go out and purchase more food to make these kits. If you have the majority of the essential items, that's ok too. Do the best you can with the majority of the items. (Think about what you would need to get thru a weekend- shelf stable protein, vegetables, starch)

Tomorrow, March 18:
  • Swing by the main Carmel entrance between 10am and 12pm.
  • We'll meet you to take the bag. Do not get out of your car as we desire to keep people healthy and practice ongoing social distancing.  
Can't assemble the needed items out of your pantry currently? Donate funds for this to Carmel's Disaster Relief Fund online here. 100% of donations will go toward food purchase this week.  As Pastor Alex shared Sunday, we'd rather purchase food to distribute through 2nd Harvest, since they can get bulk food at a far cheaper price than us at the grocery store. 
Two opportunities to encourage others:

Carrington Place: The residents of this nursing home partner are experiencing a new level of loneliness, as family members are not allowed to visit. We're collecting
cards of encouragement (that include scripture) for the staff and 100+ residents at Carrington. Consider writing a few notes and dropping them off tomorrow as well! 

Charlotte Rescue Mission: This partner provides free addiction recovery to more than 200 men and women. They are no longer having volunteer groups serve daily, but would welcome notes of encouragement for clients. Drop your note for these clients at Carmel or mail it directly to Charlotte Rescue Mission (ATTN: Client Encouragement, P.O. Box 33000, Charlotte, NC 28233).
If anyone in your household has a cough or fever, we ask you NOT drop off food/notes at this time.
For the latest updates from Carmel related to COVID-19, click  here .
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