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Brooke USA's Full Tummy Project
to alleviate suffering by addressing the unique nutritional challenges faced by working equines in the developing world
These hungry donkeys, above, work in a coal mine in Pakistan. After a very hard day's work spent primarily below ground, they were met with almost nothing in their food trough -- a common occurrence in the developing world. But Brooke USA is changing that for many animals!

By funding programs that teach owners how to improve nutrition for their animals, we're also improving the lives of the people who depend on them.
It's difficult enough for people to access the food that they need, so their animals' nutritional needs are, understandably, often misunderstood or overlooked.

A horse, donkey, or mule is far more able to help raise crops and earn money when it's happy and healthy, instead of weak and suffering from malnourishment and dehydration.

One of Brooke's objectives in the equine welfare projects that Brooke USA funds is to teach owners how to supplement their animals' diets using locally sourced, available ingredients (unique to each community, depending on the country/region) such as molasses, beet pulp, beer residue, sugar cane, and maize.
Through the end of the year, our Full Tummy Project will introduce you to some of the large, complex, and frequent challenges that equine owners face, and the creative, interesting ways that Brooke USA-funded programs can meet those challenges, with your help.

This is going to be a great project, so let's get started filling tummies and keeping them full! Our fundraising goal is $120,000

Introducing our newest
Brooke USA Ambassador
We're very pleased to welcome Clayton Fredericks to our Brooke USA family, as another great event rider, trainer and coach. Here are just a few of his accomplishments:
  • FEI World Cup Champion (2005, 2008)
  • Individual silver and team bronze World Equestrian Games, Aachen (2006)
  • Winner Lexington Kentucky CCI4* (2007)
  • Crowned Equestrian Federation of Australia’s Athlete of the Year (2007)
  • Team silver medal Hong Kong Olympic Games (2008)
  • Member of Australian Olympic Team (2012)
In addition, Clayton has a deep concern for animal welfare, so you can see why we're so pleased that he has joined us!
Emergency Feeding in Senegal
Recently Senegal has experienced another serious drought, jeopardizing the lives of people and animals. Brooke stepped in with approximately $30,000 in additional funding to provide emergency food for an estimated 1,300 equines in 20 of the worst affected villages within the region. This included 39 tons of concentrated food and 97.5 tons of rice straw to help get them through the worst of the drought.

Our colleagues at Brooke India   have successfully lobbied for the inclusion of equine first aid in para-vet (similar to veterinary technician) training courses in four states of India. Before this, equine medicine was generally excluded from vet training.

Happy Halloween!
Our first and very special equine ambassador, Patrick the Miniature Horse , and his best friend, Sarah Schaaf, are asking you to fill hungry equine tummies for Halloween through our Full Tummy Project.

You can fill Patrick's trick-or-treat bag with donations to Brooke USA, which we will use to continue supporting equine welfare programs around the world. Just click the button, below.

Thank you!
Helping Tens of Thousands of Donkeys and Women
We need to raise only $17,000 more to fulfill our pledge of $200,000 in the Women 4 Donkeys campaign, to make a revolutionary change in the lives of animals and women in Kenya. Please consider helping us wrap-up this campaign with one more donation!
Thank you for supporting our work!
Brooke Pakistan's recipe for better animal handling
Animal handlers from veterinarians and veterinary assistants, to drivers, grooms and farriers attended a workshop in Lahore, Pakistan. Through a range of thought-provoking exercises and discussions, they built on their knowledge and shared insights.

The aim was to completely transform the lives of equines and to nurture a positive bond between animals and humans.

By exploring case studies, they identified concrete examples of good practices - like using halters, and unacceptable practices like hobbling and nose rings.
Participants cited many examples of Brooke's positive influence, including:

  • The importance of using a straight bar bit instead of a traditional one.
  • Bits should be removed before offering animals a drink
  • Learning to tie animals in a welfare-friendly manner
  • Giving animals names to encourage a bond
  • Using voice commands instead of force when driving a cart
  • Passing on welfare-friendly practices to other owners
  • Using peer support to encourage good handling

Thanks to our Brooke USA donors, we have funded a number of equine welfare programs in Pakistan. Isn't it good to know how your donations have been working to improve the lives of animals around the world?!
The designs are based on actual animals who have been helped by Brooke’s equine welfare programs.

Introducing Sterling Mule and Donkey Pendants by Celebrated Jeweler
Jane Heart
We're very pleased to announce an alliance with Jane Heart LLC in the creation of sterling silver mule and donkey pendants.

Pendants come in other variations on the design, available in sterling, and sterling with gold. All gold pieces are available upon request.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Brooke USA-funded programs.
Boot Shines Help Equines
During the World Equestrian Games, Emma Sameth used her time, resources and skill shining boots to raise money for Brooke USA. We appreciate Emma's generosity very much, and also appreciate her customers who supported her boot shining business!

November 11th the World will Commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the End of WW1
We invite you to honor and remember the animals who gave so much in WW1, by reading our research into America's horses and mules who served, suffered, and died alongside their soldiers.

This scholarly and moving collection of information and photos was researched, written, and curated by our amazing Brooke USA volunteer, Jo Ellen Hayden, as part of our partnership with the United States WW1 Centennial Commission.

Jo Ellen is available to speak to local (Central Kentucky) groups about the role of American horses and mules in WW1. Please contact her directly at

Olympians Support Brooke USA's
Full Tummy Project
Some of our fabulous Brooke USA Ambassadors (left to right): Clayton Fredericks (Olympic medalist in eventing), J.J. Tate (international grand prix dressage rider), Debbie McDonald (Olympic medalist in dressage), and Ali Brock (Olympic medalist in dressage) are supporting our Full Tummy Project!
Please remember our partners and sponsors when shopping:
A portion of the sales from Jane Heart's mule and donkey pendants will benefit Brooke USA!
40% of the proceeds from the sale of this biography are being donated by the author to Brooke and Brooke Egypt to carry on Dorothy Brooke's legacy!
Brooke USA 's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.
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