March 2019
Dear Climate Friend,

We are almost at the end of the first quarter of 2019 and what a time of possibilities and real action. Elders Climate Action has made its 2019 top priority that of collaborations. We will deepen our relationships with other organizations and support their goals by amplifying our voice, the voice of elders. We are the elders who were the youth of the 60’s and 70’s and we have learned that our idealism did not take hold most likely due to the lack of elder leadership and wisdom. Now we are the elders with the wisdom and we can support the youth in their vision for a better society. So what does that mean for you? Support the youth movements in their vision for a Green New Deal, support Citizens Climate Lobby in their Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, make your voice heard. Call and write your federal, state and local legislators and let them know these are policies elders support and that you are a part of a movement of elders. There is not a great deal of time so take action now. Read our newsletter and find one action you would like to take and do it now.
For the our grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Geri Freedman
ECA Co-Chair
From AZ Chapter

For the second year, the Arizona Chapter of Elders Climate Action was one of approximately 30 Arizona groups to co-sponsor Environmental Day at the Arizona Legislation to celebrate Arizona’s 107 th  Birthday. This year’s theme was “Five Cs for a Sustainable Future and was attended by over 400 people of all ages, including many elders. This was an amazing opportunity to bring a diverse group of advocates together to ensure that Arizona has many more healthy birthdays. The five Cs include: Climate Preparedness, Clean Air and Water, Conservation of Lands, Water and Wildlife, Commitment to Efficient and Renewable Energy, Cultural Inclusiveness and Diversity. Legislative leaders spoke on the need for immediate action followed by multi-generational teams meeting with most of the State Senators and Representatives. The urgency of action was paramount in these conversations. Key to the impact was Elders and high school students addressing the urgency of action on these critical issues.
Right:Turn out for Arizona Environmental Lobby day.

Above: ECA member Hazel Chandler with lobby team.
Tell us what you have been doing for climate action. Send a 150 word (max) summary of what you've been doing and we'll share it in a future newsletter. Send to .
Greta, We are Listening!

The words of this young woman are powerful beyond measure. We hear you Greta, we are listening and we will continue to push for action on climate change.

If you haven't heard Greta's recent speech at DAVOS, watch it now. THEN, TAKE ACTION today and everyday, "like the house is on fire."
Elders Stepped Up in 2018!

During the 2018 elections, Elders Climate Action partnered with EVP to get out the vote. We conducted “Get out the Vote” efforts in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, reaching more than 130,000 registered voters. Early research shows that our GOTV efforts were effective in increasing voter turnout. Our efforts in the 2018 elections resulted in thousands of pro-environment votes, and we are scaling up to have a much larger impact in 2020.

A recent analysis of nation-wide elections shows that over 15 million individually identifiable environmentalists have stayed at home on Election Day. Therefore, the key to getting powerful environmental policies in place might not be to persuade more Americans to be environmentalists; it may be as simple as getting more of our existing environmentalists to vote. You can be key in getting out this vote from the comfort of your home or, depending on where you live, in your own neighborhood. 

Learn more about our efforts for 2019 in the Get Engaged Section below
Help make 2020 the Year of the Environmental Voter – be part of Elders Promote the Vote
ECA has formed a partnership with the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) to encourage millions of strong environmentalists to vote in the 2020 election. Research shows that people with strong environmentalist priorities are not always the most consistent voters but they can be persuaded to vote.

We need to start now to build our capacity for a high impact Elders Promote the Vote initiative and we're ready to organize members and train you to text, call and canvass in your own communities and in swing states. This will be a warm up to a massive effort in 2020.  

Please join us on a training web-call for prospective volunteers on March 19 at 6:00 PM Eastern Time. By joining this call you'll get in on the ground floor of building our national Elders Promote the Vote initiative and forming state and local teams. You can be key in getting out this vote from the comfort of your home or, depending on where you live, in your own neighborhood.

Join us March 19 at 6pm Eastern Time to find out how you can be part of the “Elders Promote the Vote” effort.
Did You Know?

The new  EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has announced that the EPA will begin to undo the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards.
Join Us!
Tuesday, March 26
7:00 PM (ET) | 4:00 PM (PT)

We will be joined by Janet McCabe,
Former Senior EPA Administrator

Janet McCabe will speak on the theme of " The Past, Present and Future of Environmental Protection: Threats and Opportunities"

If you are unable to attend the National Call, RSVP and we'll send you the recording.
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