Hello Friends & Neighbors, 
Another month has come and gone!
With fall in full swing, we're still keeping busy here at GUAPO's! 
From  football parties, to craft nights, new dinner specials  and an awesome culinary adventure coming this winter,  GUAPO's has loads  to share and lots going on.  Read on! 
The kicka$$ Mango Habanero margarita from our hotter than hell menu!

Joey's back and ready to spice up the bar!
GUAPO's Food, Drinks & Daily Deals


Fall on Cape Cod is boring right? WRONG! Fall on Cape Cod is the BEST time because it's when we get a little crazy up at GUAPO's. Our GREEN MONSTAH special is coming back just in time for Celtics season (cuz they're both green) and Pete and the kitchen crew have some new tricks up their sleeve and they're coming in sizzling hot. 

Starting on October 29th, Thursday nights are 
"Hotter than Hell Nights" at GUAPO's! We're turning the heat up way past 11 with a special spicy "Hotter Than Hell" menu available Thursday nights only! Don't worry, if you're not into the hot stuff our full menu is still available.The menu will highlight a mouth-scorching 
appetizer, a wicked spicy entree  and our  supah wicked hot semi-famous hot sauce  and two smoking new cocktails - a Hot Blonde (Cape Cod Blonde muddled with fresh jalapeƱos and habaneros), and a muy caliente mango habanero margarita!
We're sweating just thinking about it. 

We're also working on not one but TWO Taco Takeover nights this winter, when an Cape Cod top chef will take over the kitchen and offer a special four course menu for one night only. Wondering who's coming? Well you're just going to have to like us on Facebook to find out!

GUAPO's Did You Know? 

Kyle and and GUAPO's were featured in the Cape Cod Times? Our fearless leader "Took 10" with the Cape Cod Times and talked about his business philosophy, the dream that became GUAPO's and the long and winding road that led him back home to Cape Cod, running one of the most community minded restaurants around! Go read it now!


We're going to host our first ever glued. craft night on Wednesday, October 28th! Glued is a local business that puts on craft nights at area restaurants...think paint night but with Pinterest inspired crafts instead! Our event is going to be an introduction to making stamped jewelry - don't miss your chance to learn a new hobby and take something nice home. Sign up online and use code guapos10 for $10 off
Our table at the Nauset Disposal Trash Bash!

GUAPO's Community Engagement 

We've had a busy fall so far with GUAPO's Gives, and it's only going to get crazier this winter! Here's what we've been up to

* We hosted two Warrior Wrap-Up Parties for the Nauset Warriors Booster Club this season! If you're at one of their games, grab a bowl of our chili at their concession stands - we proudly donate it each year! We were just at the annual Nauset Disposal Trash Bash, and have also supported the Animal Rescue League, Latham Centers, the Nauset Culinary Department and more in recent weeks!

* We're also hosting several GUAPO's Gives charitable events this fall, starting with a night to benefit the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Thursday, November 19th! We've got more coming soon, so stay tuned!