- 17 June 2021 -
Here in the fashion of our pioneer forefathers, who confronted the mysteries of wilderness, mountain and prairie with crude tools and a self-generating imagination, we are committed to facing with courage the enormous task of imposing an ever more humane order upon this bewilderingly diversified and constantly changing society. Committed we are to maintaining its creative momentum.” ― Ralph Ellison, Juneteenth
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Maria's Bookshop is hiring!
We are looking for someone who loves books and shares our passion for cultivating community through outstanding customer service. Visit our website for more information and to apply!

Accepting Applications Thru June 30th
"Rainbow Tree" For Rainbow Youth!
This month, in celebration of the Rainbow Youth Center's SUPER PRIDE DAY, Saturday, June 26th, we are hosting a “Rainbow Tree" here at the shop! Much like our Angel Tree at Christmas, each child with the Rainbow Youth Center will have a "Unicorn" listing their age and interests. June 7th - 26th Customers are encouraged to pick a child and buy them a book! We are also encouraging book purchases for the Rainbow Youth Library. We will deliver all books to The Rainbow Youth Center after their Super Pride event on the 26th!
- Juneteenth - Freedom Day -
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