August 2022

Open to Everyone:

2022 Kidney Cancer Research Summit

We are getting closer to our annual research conference, KCRS22, where KidneyCAN gathers many of the best kidney cancer researchers in the world to share their work and collaborate.

KCRS is a meeting focused on basic science, translational, and clinical research in kidney cancer.

All are welcome to join us virtually for the hybrid event: patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers. All presentations will be streamed live, and virtual attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with the panelists. 

October 6-7, 2022

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When KidneyCAN and our community of patient advocates ask Congress for kidney cancer research funding, this is what that money powers.

At this meeting, researchers share work that is fueled by the ideas and research funded through the Department of Defense CDMRP-KCRP; these are research awards brought about by your hard work and grassroots advocacy.


Advocacy Updates:

We Asked Congress to Fund Research

On August 8-9th, KidneyCAN gathered advocates from all over the United States to ask Congress for robust funding for kidney cancer research through the NIH and CDMRP (Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs).

During our event, 127 patients, family members, friends, doctors, and researchers came together to ask Congress for this funding with over 165 meetings. KidneyCAN provides training so that all advocates feel prepared to speak to members of Congress and their staff about the funding and its impact, as well as the impact of kidney cancer on patients.

Veteran advocate Chuck Stravin, who is living with stage IV kidney cancer, shared a powerful message: “It scares me to think that, when my fight started in 2015, there were ZERO federal dollars [specifically] allocated to fighting a disease that kills 40 people like me each day. We must continue to advocate.”

We also want to thank the partner organizations who worked with us on this event: 

  • Andy Derr Foundation
  • Driven to Cure
  • Joey's Wings
  • Judy Nicholson Kidney Cancer Foundation
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • VHL Alliance

There's no limit to what we accomplish when we work together!

Read more about our work and how you can join our grassroots army of people working to accelerate cures for kidney cancer!


Success Story:

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium

We ask the KidneyCAN community to show up for advocacy events -- and you do! -- so we are sharing the results of research funding that stems from your advocacy. This is a significant endeavor made possible with the money Congress appropriated in response to our ASKs. 

The Kidney Cancer Research Consortium (KCRC) is a group of seven partner institutions, each with a strong background of scientific and clinical leadership in RCC research:

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • UT Southwestern
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Duke University
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • University of Michigan

KidneyCAN has always encouraged patients to learn about clinical trials and consider trial options at any point in your treatment.  We're excited to see the innovation and collaboration coming from the Kidney Cancer Research Consortium.

The KCRC has created a great resource page for patients to explore trial opportunities and request appointments at their member sites.


Celebrate Special Milestones & Honor Your Loved Ones

KidneyCAN Launches Do-It-Your-Way Fundraising

KidneyCAN is the voice of patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers. We advocate year-round for federal funding for research.

With your support, our community is accelerating cures for kidney cancer. Our work has led to $185 million research dollars since 2016; however, KidneyCAN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not receive any funding through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) or KCRP (Kidney Cancer Research Program).

Our work never stops. With the support of our donors, KidneyCAN makes a difference every day in the lives of people affected by kidney cancer.

Now YOU can support our mission with creative fundraising opportunities. We've put together resources to help you honor a loved one, celebrate a birthday or cancer treatment milestone, host a fundraising party or event, and more. 

Start with an idea, and use our resources to make your fundraiser a success! Our team is here to help if you need us.

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KidneyCAN Community Spotlight:

Michael Whitley: A Kidney Cancer Diagnosis "Cracked Me Open"

For this month’s Community Spotlight, KidneyCAN spoke to Michael Whitley, a member of the patient community. After almost 9 months of what he thought was kidney stone struggles, Michael was found to have a tumor on his left kidney in September of 2019.

Michael shares more about his diagnosis, his path seeking the best treatment, and the way his diagnosis changed his thinking. His outlook is one that will inspire you!


“I want clinicians and researchers to know how grateful I am for their work. Our lives are literally on the line waiting for the cures and treatments they are developing.”

- Michael Whitley, patient

National Kidney Foundation:

Seeking Patients On Immunotherapy

The National Kidney Foundation is currently working to develop educational tools for patients called "Living Well while on Immunotherapy for Kidney Cancer." 

Before creating any materials, NKF wanted to reach out to patients to get their perspective on what they would prefer for educational resources (videos, apps, printed brochures, on-line content, etc.) and to get their perspective on dealing with immunotherapies and living with cancer.

NKF hopes to speak directly with 5-10 people. The calls would take place over Zoom or phone. These are friendly, informal interviews that should not take more than about 20 minutes.

If you are currently on immunotherapy and willing to speak to NKF for their project, please contact our Community Liaison, Meryl Uranga, at

Connect with Experts:

CURE's Educated Patient Kidney Cancer Summit

CURE® invites patients, survivors and their caregivers to connect with kidney cancer experts and advocacy group speakers during the Educated Patient® Kidney Cancer Summit, to be held on October 15, 2022.

They will hear from chair Sandy Liu, MD of City of Hope, and other experts who will empower their journeys. The program begins at 11 AM ET, 8 AM PT.

Participants will be able to interact online with fellow patients, survivors, caregivers, advocates and health care professionals.

Learn more about the topics for discussion & register today!

KidneyCAN has launched an online shop for our friends to support our work and raise awareness with KidneyCAN apparel! Wear your KidneyCAN spirit with pride, and know that every penny we receive from your purchase goes toward accelerating cures for kidney cancer!

Our mission is to accelerate cures for kidney cancer. We engage in patient advocacy and power research by supporting government and industry research funding, facilitating research collaborations, and offering direct financial support for clinical and laboratory researchers with promising ideas. Our work is funded by grassroots donors from all over the United States. We can't do this without your support.
Thank you for being part of our grassroots army!
KidneyCAN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not receive any funding through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) or KCRP (Kidney Cancer Research Program). KidneyCAN's work is funded entirely through donations.
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