Rockford is About to Get Screwier, Nuttier, and Way More Fastener-er.

Once upon a time, Rockford, Illinois manufactured tons of screws, bolts, and fasteners earning it the nickname, Screw City.

Now, Packer Fastener wants to bring back the title, only this time we'll have our full product offering of industrial supplies!
Hold Our Beer…

We’re coming to Screw City this summer and opening a new branch to serve Rockford and northern Illinois customers. You’ll soon find us at:

Packer Fastener
5364 Mainsail Drive
Roscoe, IL  61073

Count on us to bring an inventory worthy of the city nickname, including:
Cap Screws
Machine Screws
Sheet Metal Screws
Drywall Screws
Hex Lag Screws
Wood Screws
Thread Cutting Screws
Drive Screws
Socket Screws
Concrete Screws
Flange Screws
Set Screws
Thread Cutting Screws
Deck Screws
Self-Drilling Screws
Self-Tapping Screws
Thread Rolling Screws
Self-Piercing Screws
It’s Always Gonna Be Packer Fastener O’Clock in Screw City

With no speed limits on getting you what you need, fast!