We're Not Waiting for Those in Power to do
What's Right Today

Dear Resister, 

Four years ago, Resist grantee United Fort Worth (UFW)1 was a small group of concerned neighbors meeting in a rented back room at their town church. Today, with the help of donors like you, they’re a progressive grassroots powerhouse tackling injustice in all its forms.  

I’m telling you about UFW because they prove how incredibly impactful your support of Resist is. 

UFW exemplifies what neighbors can achieve when we come together to dismantle discriminatory policies that exist right within our own communities. Tackling white supremacy isn’t something we just do at the federal and state levels—it happens on Main St. at home too.

Since Biden took office, an estimated 30,000 immigrants have been deported despite a campaign promise to the contrary. Children are still being separated from relatives at the border and inhospitable facilities have been reopened. The human “cages” haven’t gone away—they’ve just been rebranded. 

You know as well as I do that waiting for those in power to do what’s right simply doesn’t work. What does work is an effective network of grassroots activists fighting for the rights of the most marginalized among us. 

And your support of Resist keeps that network strong.
[Image description: United Fort Worth members stage a protest and hold up a sign that reads "Sherrif Woburn Separates Families" in response to the sheriff's treatment of undocumented families.]
Here’s an example of how your dollars exponentially gain in power to bring real change where it’s needed most:

Amid the current pandemic, when the injustice of cash bail became even more starkly obvious, UFW launched a bail fund to free neighbors who had not been convicted of a crime but remained incarcerated because they couldn’t afford bail. Being cash poor shouldn’t be a death sentence.

Your support will help UFW’s action networks attack injustice from every angle: Tarrant County Coalition For Community Oversight advocates for community input in policing practices; ICE Out of Tarrant County ensures that undocumented immigrants know their rights and the resources available to them, including access to legal aid and translation services. 

When devastatingly cold temperatures descended on Texas, your generosity helped to support UFW’s latest effort, Safer Together Fort Worth. This initiative demands policymakers divest funds from the $350 million Fort Worth police budget and invest in emergency planning and infrastructure improvements—prioritizing food, water, and shelter for Tarrant County residents. 
[Image description: United Fort Worth members stage demonstration with crossing arms and red tape over their mouths demanding police accountability.]
And your Resist support also makes possible UFW’s emergency fund for members of their undocumented community who cannot file for unemployment, paid sick leave, or use paid time off. 

This is real, tangible groundswell change–and together with donors like you, Resist is making it happen! 

Multiply all these efforts—all the emergency funds and marches, the blood, sweat, and tears—by 7,000, and you get a picture of Resist’s deep impact, and yours, all across America. Their victories and our victories are working together towards a shared dream of a brighter, more equitable future. 

I believe in that beautiful future because Resisters like you have always helped make the impossible possible. We have so far to go, but we’ve come this far together. 

Please stand with us again today. 

In Solidarity, 

Kendra Hicks
Co-Director, Radical Philanthropy


  1. Learn more about United Fort Worth

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