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February 2015

We're Off and Running in 2015!  Join Us!


We joined over 100 groups taking action across the US on the 

5th Anniversary of Citizens United, January, 21,, 2015.


See details and photo links under Recent Actions

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ProjectsProjects and Events 
AnticorruptionActsKickoff Meeting- Create Local Anti-corruption Acts (Doing a Tallahassee) - Sat. March 14, 1-3 PM, Pleasant Hill Co-housing

On Nov. 4th, 2014, voters in Tallahassee, Florida made history by approving the first city Anti-Corruption Act in the United States by an overwhelming 2 - 1 margin.  A small but dedicated group of progressives, conservatives, and independents put aside their differences to wage an historic battle against corruption in their community, and they won.

They weren't afraid to call the money pouring into our political system what it is: corruption. They went all in with comprehensive reforms instead of settling for half measures. And they did it all by sidestepping entrenched politicians and putting a citizen initiative directly on the ballot - no politicians required, just we, the People.



Represent.US has finalized the infographic and summary plans for how to pass a local anti-corruption act. You can see it all here: . Michael Cannon, who will be directing the project, recommends that you print out the graphic and then read the how-to plans.  According to Michael, "it is my understanding that CA Clean Money and Represent.Us are working to create a draft California ACA and commissioning a poll to test the water for a state-wide run in 2018. In the meantime, we will work to set the stage with local (city/county) versions in 2016."


Please RSVP to this newsletter if you are planning to attend.  Snacks and drinks are appreciated.


DIRECTIONS -Pleasant Hill Co-housing is at 2260 Lisa Lane in Pleasant Hill.  From 680 South, turn right onto Monument Blvd. From 680 North, turn left onto Monument. After the first stoplight, turn right before the "76" gas station onto Marcia. Immediately turn left onto Lisa Lane. Go to the end of Lisa Lane, cross the Iron Horse Trail, and park in the small area at right or the larger gravel lot at the left. Pleasant Hill Cohousing is the mango colored, blue roofed building directly opposite the entrance to the school. There is a small amount of visitor parking in our lot. Total parking in these areas is 20 - 25 cars, so carpooling helps. If you get lost, or can't find a parking space, call 925 864 9361 or 925 686 6330.

Congressman Sarbanes Joins a Panel Discussing
New Approaches to Fighting Big Money in Politics

Friday, March 20, 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
University of California, Berkeley*

On Friday, March 20th, CALPIRG is hosting a roundtable featuring U.S. Congressman John Sarbanes (MD-3) about the solutions needed to get big money out of politics. Congressman Sarbanes is the lead sponsor of the Government by the People Act, which would establish a small donor incentive program to empower ordinary citizens and encourage candidates to fundraise from the grassroots. The discussion will focus on ways to build support for this crucial reform here in California.

Register Here
*Specific location at UC will be emailed to attendees soon

NationalDayApril 2 - National Day of Action - 

Presidential Order on Government Contracts


President Obama is currently contemplating issuing an Executive Order requiring disclosure of campaign contributions for federal contractors. This would be a very exciting victory for our movement to shine the light on corporations that are attempting to buy our elections. It is very likely that significant grassroots pressure will make the difference. 


Public Citizen is ramping up a national campaign to encourage Obama to do so. It will involve sending out email blasts to gather petition signatures, then moving to emails and phone calls to the White House and culminating in nationwide rallies on April 2 - the year anniversary of the McCutcheon Supreme Court ruling that further put our democracy up for sale.  


The goal is 100,000 signatures that then are shown on the White House site.  Please forward to all.

Articles of Note

Chicago Voters Overwhelmingly Endorse Campaign Finance Reform


Chicago voters endorsed by a wide margin Tuesday a plan to institute public campaign financing and limit outside contributions. The ballot measure, though non-binding, begins a process that will now move to city and state government, where legislation would be drafted.


Asked whether the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois should "reduce the influence of special interest money in elections by financing campaigns using small contributions from individuals and a limited amount of public money," voters signaled yes by a 58-point margin, 79 percent to 21 percent
"No Disclosure, Please, We're Contractors "- Mother Jones

Earlier this month, the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee approved the Keeping Politics Out of Federal Contracting Act (KPOFCA), which would prohibit the government from forcing federal contractors to disclose campaign spending and lobbying expenditures as a condition for keeping their contracts. In response, 14 watchdog groups are urging senators to block the bill, condemning it as a "pay-to-play" political maneuver that would make it easier for corporations to peddle influence in the shadows.
Constitutional Amendment Bills with Sponsors 
Already in Works in 2015

Check out   You can see whether your senators and represenative are sponsors here. It's great to note that folks like Senators Nelson and Donnelly who were very hard to get last year (in fact Donnelly voted "yes" but never co-sponsored), are already on as co-sponsors. This is truly a result of all your amazing work in showing this is a good issue to get behind politically. 

Stop big money from crushing democracy 


Millions of dark money dollars are polluting our democracy, but President Obama has the power to take executive action requiring federal contractors disclose all their political spending. 

Prop49Will you help restore Prop 49 to the California ballot by signing the pledge to write a letter to the CA Supreme Court?

Last August, the Supreme Court of California ripped Prop 49, The Overturn Citizens United Act off our California November ballot.  They took that "extraordinary step... thereby disenfranchised the voters" as the Chief Justice cautioned in her written statement at the time, without benefit of a hearing.  

The date for the hearing that will decide if Prop 49 is restored to the ballot will be announced by the CA Supreme Court.  Leading up to the hearing we want the Court to be deluged with a flood of letters from Californians demanding that our CA Constitutionally guaranteed right to "instruct our representatives" be upheld.

MOVI has launched the Restore 49: Let The People Speak Campaign of letters in to the California Supreme Court.  So far, they have been joined in this campaign by at Courage Campaign, Free Speech for People and California Clean Money Campaign and MoneyOut! PeopleIn!.  Already over 40,000 Californians have signed on to the campaign.  Can you help us reach 100,000 or 200,000?

Recent Actions and Events 
Mourning in America for Democracy

With just 5 weeks to plan (and over the holidays!) we created a march and rally in downtown San Francisco on January 21 with the theme "Mourning in America" for Democracy.  The march was led by the 5 Supreme Court Injustices and kicked off by Khafre Jay, a hip hop artist for change. There were huge banners and signs, a coffin carrying Democracy and draped in the US flag carried by 4 pall bearers wearing masks and money suits.   The rally at the Federal Building had terrific speakers, including Derek Cressman and Gayle McLaughlin, the former Richmond mayor who beat Chevron's money.  Also there was great music, and an amazing slide show lighting up the federal building.  We were thrilled by the amazing number of sponsors (talk about strengthening our coalition) including the CA Nurses Association, the SF Labor Council and dozens more.  

Volunteer Needs
You are needed!  We do our best to find a way to participate that fits your interests and time.   We invite you to join with us in any of the following areas:

Speakers Bureau- speak and/or help find organizations to whom to speak
Support the webmaster - needs Nation Builder assistant
Help on the CAP (Corruption Awareness Project) which is simple and will be very powerful if we can get it to spread
Hold a movie house party
Be a caller for the telephone tree
Help with Letters to the Editor
Attend rallies
Join the Core organizing team

Please send an email to with Volunteering in the subject line and our Volunteer Coordinator, Loretta Matthieu, will get back to you. 
Who Are We?

MoneyOut! PeopleIn! was created by Central Contra Costa and Tri-Valley MoveOn Councils when we decided that we wanted to put most of our energy into getting big money out of politics.  We put the word out and in no time had 15 groups that support our mission.  What has evolved is that we have an active steering committiee made up of the 2 MoveOn groups mentioned above as well as CA Clean Money Campaign, Move to Amend, Common Cause, 99Rise, Sunflower Alliance with Calpirg and Free Speech for People coming on board. We are always looking for more supporting groups as you can see on our website. We all have the fire in our bellies to get our Democracy back.  

Sheilah, Gordon, Joe, Karen, Eloise, Jennifer, Jim, Tye, Matthias, Brodie, Lawrence, and Ron 

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