Education Law Center
April 21, 2015

 We're Off to the PA Supreme Court

Commonwealth Court Refuses to Review School Funding Case


Dear Friends,


Today the Commonwealth Court ruled that it has no role to play in ensuring that the legislature complies with its constitutional obligation to support and maintain a through and efficient system of public education. While we are disappointed by the ruling, we look forward to presenting our case to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


As you know, the Education Law Center filed a lawsuit in November with the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia and pro bono counsel on behalf of six school districts, seven parents, the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS), and the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference.  We argue that legislative leaders, state education officials, and the Governor are violating their constitutional obligation to provide a system of public education that gives all children in Pennsylvania an equal opportunity to meet state-imposed academic standards and thrive in today's world.


The legislature has determined what students need to learn and the cost of providing that education, but they have violated the state constitution by failing to provide all students with the basic resources they need to meet state standards. Pennsylvania courts are obligated to ensure that our constitution is followed.  It's not enough to just "keep the lights on" in our schools, as the State has argued. Our children deserve more. 


And so, we're off the Supreme Court!  We are in the process of preparing our appeal and hope that the Supreme Court will set the law right. 


Please help us continue the fight for our most vulnerable students living in low-wealth school districts who lack basic resources to reach their potential. Please consider supporting the Education Law Center as we move on to the next phase of the judicial process in this important case. Please also consider signing up to join the Campaign for Fair Education Funding as we continue to advocate for an adequate and fair funding system.


Thank you!




Deborah Gordon Klehr

Interim Executive Director