Open Tuesday-Friday: 10-5:30 [Lunch 12-1]
We're Open!
How We Got Here!
& Sew What!
We're Open!

Starting today, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 we will be open for business, as planned, at our new location at:

545 Hampton Manor Court,
Valparaiso, Indiana 46385.

Phones: 419.358.0656 or 219.255.8085 and

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
[Lunch Closure Noon til 1:00 pm.]

However, we are not expecting customers to beat down the doors as Indiana is under a stay at home order!

Sew What!

Nonetheless, the first order of business will be to get through the approximately 30 days of longarming that we brought with us from Ohio! Each of these beauties will be mailed back to their owner via Priority Post.

You can send us your tops and other layers via Post to the above address. We recommend sending them Priority Mail with signature required so that you can track them and send us tracking numbers via emails.

When we receive them, we will call you to discuss what you are expecting and/or we are recommending to be done. Then when we are finished, we will ship the quilt back to you in our normal fast turn-around with ultimate quality and care.

How Did We Get Here?

We started thinking of moving to Indiana over a year a go. The purposes were to be closer to Accomplish Quilting and our son, Peter. The intensity of our interest increased rapidly in late September, 2019 when we both experienced multiple medical problems.

At the end of January we found a house. At the end of February we closed on the house. We started our move with Mayflower Van Lines at the beginning of March and the longarms were moved mid-march.

During that time, a lot of magic was happening with the new house, thanks to Brad Grihalva Construction [& son, Korey] with Peter & Ann Grihalva and, of course, Ruth and sometimes, me [AKA the Grihalva Construction Crew].

The unfinished garage had to be built-out before the Innova longarms were installed. It took the Grihalva construction crew one week to go from an unfinished garage to an insulated, finished studio with HVAC [the HVAC was done by RussCo].

We wanted to keep the garage door so that our house would appear to have a garage, like all the other houses in the development.

In the first week the following was completed:
1.Removed the automatic garage door mechanism so that the garage door would remain on the outside and look like the other houses.
Door Equipment Removed
2.Built the wall covering the garage door on the inside. This would allow us to insulate the studio from the cold garage door.
3.Installed the "front door" to the new garage/studio.
4.Installed the first of the nine lights.
5.Insulated the walls.
6.Insulated the ceiling and wired the rest of the lights.
7.Put up the drywall, taped, mudding and topping. Then sanded.
8.Painted the ceiling and installed the remainder of the lights.
10.Installed the interlocking floating flooring.
The Terrific Trio of Grihalvas!
Ann, Peter & Brad
The next weekend the landing and trim were installed [thanks to Brad Grihalva Construction & son] and the Innova longarms were delivered and tested [thanks to Accomplish Quilting].
Then we hung our "Shingle".
Yesterday we hung our quilts because as of today we are finished and as "open" as we can be given the current circumstances.

The inside of the longarming studio looks as follows:
Looking East, or Left as you enter.
Looking South, or straight ahead as you enter.
Looking West, or to the right as you enter.
Looking North at the door.
Pattern Area
Come see our new studio as conditions permit. Experience the color!
We're looking forward to seeing you!
Enjoy your blessings!
At Forever In Stitches our goal is to further the art of quilting and longarming.
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