April 2020

With everything going on, we know you are busy managing your business priorities.  With the Coronavirus, your world just got a lot more complex.
We want to help.
All of our stores are open regular hours.  Check with your local store for any special notices.  
Call ahead for "parking lot pick-up".   When you call ahead, w e'll have your materials ready to load when you arrive.   
Request a delivery.  When you have a large order, we are happy to bring it to your job or your office. 
Make a plan for your business.  Take advantage of provisions in the CARES act that provide assistance for small business.   Watch for more information in future newsletters.   
The Team at North South Supply

P.S. We're continuing to share industry news and information during this time. By keeping you informed, we hope to inspire a sense of togetherness and hope. We will get through this together!   

Free Training Guide:  Solving Electrical Problems with an Irrigation Valve   
How can you tell if a valve solenoid is defective?   How can you be certain that the valve is the cause of a zone that won't activate? 
Regency Wire answers these questions and more in their NEW free training video for irrigation professionals.    Check it out and be sure to share it with your team!   There's even a version in Spanish.    
Take Advantage of Our Money-Saving Offers
Learn how to save $$ on your upcoming projects with our special offers.  Click here for details
One Stop Shopping for Durable Valve Boxes    
NDS® valve boxes span a wide variety of sizes, colors, and designations, and are available with overlapping and drop-in covers. All boxes and covers are made of durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading or cracking, and proudly made in the USA.
Here's the lineup:
Pro-Spec™ Series Valve Boxes (includes former Pro Plus Series and Pro Series) 
  • Commercial grade; engineered for heavy-duty use
  • Structural support ribs reinforce box for added strength
  • Reinforced covers available for heavier loads
  • Overlapping and drop-in covers available; overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from settling between body and cover
  • Bolt-down capability with included brass bolt and nut to prevent theft and tampering
  • 5-year warranty
Standard Series Valve Boxes (includes former Pro Series and Standard Series)
  • Structural support ribs reinforce box for added strength
  • Overlapping and drop-in covers available; overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from settling between body and cover
  • Bayonet twist-on cover ensures easy removal on 7 in. and 10 in. round covers
  • Bolt-down capability to prevent theft and tampering (bolt and nut sold separately)
  • 3-year warranty
Valve Box Selector Tool
Looking for the right valve box for your project? Check out the VALVE BOX SELECTOR (scroll to the lower half of the page). Search by SKU number, or choose a box size, box color, cover color, and application to see recommended valve box options.
How to Weather a Tougher Economy: Watch Your Cash Flow 
You work your butt off night and day until all the work is done. While you wait for the next job, you may realize that you don't have enough money to pay your workers or fill up your gas tanks.
Cash-flow problems happen when companies need to pay business expenses, but don't have any cash because they are waiting for customers to pay them. Now is the time to make sure you don't have this problem this season. Plan ahead to steer clear of the following cash-flow pitfalls.

Get money up front.  You have lots of up-front costs and can't afford to wait until after the season starts to get your first payments. Require your customers to pay their first and last month's payments upon signing the contract. Always collect fees up front and save yourself from big headaches later. Provide incentives of 2-3% off services if customers pay the entire season upfront.

Bill as you go.  This is a common small-business fail. You may really enjoy maintaining your equipment and driving your skid-steer loader, but don't like sitting at your computer trying to figure out how your business is really doing. Field-service software like Service Titan can really help you organize your billings.

Be sure you're profitable on every accountBusinesses need to carefully evaluate each type of customer they serve to make sure they are making money on each account. Some properties are more profitable than others, but if you are losing money on a client, changes need to happen.

Collect.  This is the most common cash-flow problem in small business. You can prevent this easily by having your customers pay in advance. You can also encourage your customers to sign up for automatic payments by offering a small discount. Make sure you set up your contract to include penalties for late payments and details on sending unpaid balances to collections.
Rain Bird 5004 Rotor with Triple-Blade Wiper Seal
Offering unmatched performance from 25' to 50', Rain Bird® 5000 series rotors are ideal for residential, light commercial and commercial applications.  
By combining the industry's only Triple-Blade Wiper Seal with unrivaled Rain Curtain nozzles, 5000 series rotors provide superior even coverage and enduring reliability that help professionals like you guarantee excellent results, season after season. 
Exclusive Triple-Blade Wiper Seal
Providing seven times the leak protection of single- blade wiper seals, the Triple- Blade Wiper Seal makes 5000 rotors the most leak-resistant rotors on the market.  
Designed to keep water in and debris out, the Triple- Blade Wiper Seal saves you time and money and it saves your reputation, too. 
Industry-Leading Rain Curtain Nozzles
Engineered to provide a uniform spray pattern that competitors can't match, Rain Curtain nozzles deliver large water  droplets for superior wind resistance and gentle close-in watering  that eliminates brown spots around the head.

There are many occasions when solvent welding plastic pipe in 95°F temperature and above cannot be avoided. However, by using Christy's and Weld-On solvent cements and by following the standard instructions with a little extra care as outlined below, successful leak-proof joints can be made in even the most extreme hot weather conditions.
Here are some tips to follow when solvent welding in hot weather:
1. Store solvent cements and primers in a cool or shaded area prior to use.
2. If possible, store pipe and fittings, or at least the ends to be solvent welded, in a shady area before solvent welding.
3. Cool surfaces to be joined by wiping with a damp rag. Be sure that the surface is dry prior to applying the solvent cement.
4. Try solvent welding the joints during the cooler morning hours.
5. Make sure that both surfaces to be joined are still wet with the solvent cement when putting them together. With larger size pipe, more people on the crew may be necessary.
6. Using a primer and heavier, high viscosity solvent cement will provide a little more working time. Vigorously shake or stir the solvent cement before use.
7. There can be a greater expansion-contraction factor affecting the pipe in hot weather. We suggest you follow the advice of the pipe manufacturer regarding this condition. Anchored and final connections should be made during the cooler hours of the day.
Spring Start-Ups Made Easy with the Zurn Wilkins 300 Series
Spring is here!  It's time to start learning about products that can make start-up easier.   When starting up an irrigation system, the service line leading to the backflow preventer should be flushed to eliminate debris that can foul checks.
The Zurn Wilkins 300 Series has a pressure vessel that can be removed and replaced in seconds, significantly decreasing water system downtime. Zurn Wilkins offers a Blow-Out/Flush (BOF) fitting for the 300 Series that eases start-up flushing. Simply remove the pressure vessel and install the BOF, turn on the water to flush, and then reinstall the perfectly clean pressure vessel. 
The Zurn Wilkins 300 Series is available from us in Model 350 Double Check and the Model 375 Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Preventers.
Watch the Recomissioning your Irrigation System in the Spring video, or the 375 Upgrades Video on the One Zurn YouTube Channel for more information.

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