What are some of your favourite things to do?

I love playing games and watching YouTube. I like to ride my bike but we can't go to the parks right now, and hanging out with my friend Paige.

What fun things have you been doing at home while you're at school?

I am fantastic at art so I make lots of crafts, and play Minecraft of course! I have dance parties with my mom and we have movie nights with popcorn and blankies

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Mexico! Because it's hot and I always want to be at the beach

What do you think Smilezones are for?

For helping children and making them [Smilezones] fun for kids.

What do you love most about Smilezone?

There are games and they're fun places to be. I liked going to the Kids zone [at the 24-Hour Hockey Tournament] because there were bouncy castles and the magician was fun!

If you were in a Smilezone what would you want to play with?

The iPads! Or the game that's on the floor [GestureTek]

What do you do to keep germs away?

I wash my hands while singing a song so I get all the germs. You can't see germs but I saw what they look like in Google and they look like weird spiky balls. I also have my Landyn's List of things that I clean every day to get rid of germs in my house.