UFCW: Building Better Lives, Together
Dear Brothers and Sisters, 
We're stronger together. We fight for better wages together. We fight for better benefits together. The UFCW International Convention was held last week and it was an event that brought together thousands of UFCW members from across the US and Canada. The theme of the convention were four words:  Unity, Family, Community, and Worth. Read through this email for a moment and learn about what these words mean to you here in Oklahoma and Texas as members of UFCW Local 1000. 


Ricky Burris
UFCW Local 1000


Local 1000 Vice President and Executive Board Member Angela Johnson held down the UFCW Women's Network booth for hours in Unity Hall. Angela's tireless commitment to her  co-workers in Dallas and her colleagues in the Coalition of Labor Union Women should be applauded.

Local 1000 member Arin Mason has worked as a file maintenance clerk in Norman, Oklahoma for almost eight years. Arin became a part of the Local 1000 family recently by appearing in commercials for the union sharing the value of membership and as the narrator in an orientation video for new hires. Arin knows the meaning of being a part of the UFCW family and fighting together for better wages and benefits. 

Local 1000 is committed to the communities where our members live whether that be in Oklahoma City or Dallas. We are there for our  friends and family in the community whether they be teaching striking for better wages in Oklahoma City or workers striving for paid sick leave in Dallas. Local 1000 stands with the organized and the unorganized across our great  two states. 

Local 1000 believes in your worth - both as a worker and a human being. We all have hopes and dreams that lie beyond the workplace like school, families, our own business, etc. UFCW is there to prove the value of membership and our worth as a union. UFCW will help you get a GED, an Associate's degree, or take language classes for free. Ask us how. 
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