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We're Well!

In the beginning, in a galaxy far, far away on September 20, 2019, Rick was unloading 18 of Raggedy Ruith Quilts for Accomplish Quilting to display as part of their "Featured Quilter" program and pulled his archilles tendon. The following Tuesday he entered IOS to have a successful spinal fusion of L2-L5. Upon discharge from IOS he experienced chest pains and was transported to St. Rita's for four days for heart problems. A week after release from St. Rita's he was admitted to Bluffton Hospital and transported to Findlay for end stage renal disease. Rick is now on dialysis. Two weeks after that Ruth had left rotator cuff surgery followed by slings and, continuing, physical therapy. [Phew!]

But, we are now well! [enough] Ruth continues with physical therapy and Rick wears his boot.

Ann Blessed!

During that time our daughter-in-law, Ann, came and stayed eight days. Cooking [man, were we hungry!], cleaning, doing the laundry, helping Ruth with the longarming.

Earlier in the summer we went to their house in Valparaiso, IN to assist Ann in creating her first quilt [king sized, of course] as surprise for her mother's anniversary. Ruth designed a quilt for her. We all went fabric shopping. She cut and sub-cut all the pieces. When she came to help us, she finished the center of the quilt. She returned in December to add borders, longarm [with FIS Logo Hearts design], and bind the quilt. [I don't think that her mother still believes that she did it herself!] An amazingly square quilt!

Good job, Ann!

Enjoy your blessings!
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