Our work to create more affordable housing options in Denver is expanding

Over the last few months, the Affordable Housing Zoning Incentive Project has shifted gears to include other tools, along with zoning, to help address housing needs in Denver. Continuing our work with the Department of Housing Stability (HOST), the new Expanding Affordability Project will now involve:

  • a citywide zoning incentive for affordable housing
  • an update to the city's linkage fee
  • preparation for potential changes to state law on inclusionary housing

In the next few months, we'll be doing outreach into the community on what these tools will potentially look like and how they will fit into Denver's overall housing strategy. In the meantime, use the links below or visit the project website to learn more about what affordable housing is, why it matters to all of us, changes to Denver's housing market and more.

Watch our videos to get caught up on the project
Project Overview
Affordable Housing Basics
Research from Peer Cities
Denver's Housing Market

About this project
With housing costs going up, more families are spending more of their budgets on where they live or finding themselves priced out of neighborhoods. As part of Denver's overall strategy to provide more and better housing opportunities for all residents, this project aims to create new tools and improve existing ones to address residents' growing housing needs.

To learn about other initiatives underway visit DenverGov.org/housing