Apr 2018
Open layouts are here to stay because it's more conducive to entertaining and optimal living. Single-level islands at counter-height expand valuable prep space and increase the intimacy and function of the kitchen.
Less is more. Display shelves are an inexpensive way to add drama to a kitchen. Upper cabinetry continues to come down as homeowners opt for additional windows, or choose to display dishware and artwork on open shelves. 
Sinks have increased in size; Double sinks are losing out to the larger open farm sink. Accommodating large pots and pans as well as containing splashes is the draw here. They have come a long way - fitting right into your cabinetry and are now seen in multiple colors and materials.
Can you believe it? Enjoy a cup of coffee right from your refrigerator.
With Amazon Alexa and many other competing brands becoming necessities in life, we aren't far from a new norm; using a phone app to see what’s inside our refrigerator and/or preheating the oven.
Move over, granite. Quartz is taking the stage as the non-porous, stain & mold resistant preferred countertop that requires no maintenance. Add a stunning quartz backsplash for even more WOW.
White, clean lined, flat trim kitchen cabinets continue to be the most popular. Painted cabinets are continuing to grow in popularity as well as lacquered finishes for a slick, contemporary look. For hardware, brushed chrome continues to reign supreme. The neutral color can easily be integrated into any style. Also, black and brushed gold hardware are hot trends fazing in. Don't forget to mix finishes for a curated look!

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Phyllis, Johanna & Kate
ICI Model Home Marketing Team
Interior Concepts, Inc.