March 2018 Newsletter
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A lot of exciting things are happening at BGP and in the world of school food. The 'Aina Pono Farm to School program, a collaborative initiative of the Hawai’i Lieutenant Governor's Office, Hawai’i State Department of Education, Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners, and The Kohala Center thanks the Kokua Hawai’i Foundation, a strong supporter and collaborator of 'Aina Pono, for bringing singer and Kokua Hawai’i Foundation co-founder Jack Johnson and his wife Kim to Mililani High School for a lunch time concert with Paula Fuga and Kawika Kahiapo. Read about Jack's visit and see pictures here . Jack's presence ignited much enthusiasm to the new farm to school program.

Featured Articles
Planning for an Energy Efficient Kitchen
by Melanie Smythe
Melanie Smythe is an architect and President of Candacity LLC with over 30 years of experience managing commercial projects

People are motivated by a myriad of different things. Basic needs must be met before higher aspirational work and thought come into play. Upon reaching that higher level, it can be amazing what problems can be tackled.
What does that have to do with your team? First, are their basic needs for work satisfaction being met? If everyone is trained and contentedly completing their part, then loftier goals can be laid out for attainment. If not, it is important to address the weakness so as not to set people up for failure.
Let’s assume that we are a well functioning team and are ready to add into the mix goals and actions to improve the food service operations by saving energy and thereby dollars which can be repurposed in some fashion.
Where to begin?
Achieving Success Through Public Private Partnerships
Lives and careers have been spent working tirelessly to make farm to school a reality. Through incremental victories and years of perseverance by dedicated individuals across the county, the United States Department of Agriculture 2015 Census reports milestones such as 7,101 school gardens, 1,039 school districts serving local food during summer programs, and 42% of all schools conducting some farm to school activity whether it be a harvest of the month program, local food education, field trips, or demonstrations in the classroom. Yet, at the same time, these efforts paralleled rising diet related diseases, obesity rates in children, and health care costs.
Combating the billions of dollars spent by the food industry to market processed foods, candy, and soda requires a significant investment of energy and resources, but the future of our communities depend on our collective actions today. Without committed public and private entities working selflessly together towards a shared vision, we are all spinning our wheels, and we will continue to increase school gardens while simultaneously decrease overall health.
Green Schools Conference and Expo
Chef Greg Christian, along with public and private partners from the Hawaii Farm to School Initiative, will host a featured panel at the Green Schools Conference and Expo 2018 on May 4 in Denver, CO.

Click here to read about Chef Greg's presentation, Greening the School Cafeteria through Public/Private Partnerships, in the conference newsletter, and for further conference details
School Food Resources
Scratch Cooking School Meals! Webinar Thursday, March 29, 2018 3-4 pm ET Sign up now!

Hear from Boston Public Schools who will share their story on how they transitioned to scratch cooking as well as the Empire Health Foundation, who has partnered with school districts to convert their heat and serve school meal programs to scratch cooking processes. USDA’s Team Nutrition will also do a live demonstration of the new Food Buying Guide Mobile App, now available on Android and the Apple App Store.

Find money for local food by reducing waste. Download How to Conduct a Food Waste Audit by LeanPath.

Watch Culinary Techniques for Healthy Meals videos , A series of videos teaching basic cooking techniques for healthy school meals by the Institute of Child Nutrition at University of Mississippi.
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Greg Christian