This week our children began a new educational approach. We have never been in this situation before. It’s all quite overwhelming, isn’t it?
All across our community, people are working diligently making adjustments to protect their own health and the health of their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. There are lessons our children will learn beyond those being taught remotely by amazing teachers who must now juggle the needs of their own children as well as the needs of ours. The caring, extra effort teachers throughout TUSD are making to help students and parents in this unfamiliar teaching environment deserve our acknowledgment and appreciation. Thank you!
Like many of you, we will have to raise our game as parents during this period of “distance learning.” Our three children — one in elementary school, one in middle school and one in high school — are relying on my husband Marc and I to help them deal with social isolation, create a positive environment for learning and establish structure while still preserving a sense of fun and togetherness in our home.
Here’s a helpful CDC link about how to talk to kids about COVID-19 - English | Spanish
We do not know what course this public health crisis will take. We are in uncharted territory. While we all do our part to “flatten the curve,” we have an opportunity to be an example to our kids about how a community comes together to support each other in difficult times.

All my Best,
Allyson Damikolas