May 2020
We thought you could use a break from the news, but now there's so much to share.
While our preschool graduates are soaking up the sun this summer before kindergarten, the Infant/Toddler classes are getting ready to re-open with all appropriate measures in place for staff, children and families.
Classroom Spotlight-
Online Learning Success
When COVID-19 first reached Boulder County, we quickly adapted our Early Childhood Education program utilizing online platforms and explored how to offer our families the same resources and services we provide in the classrooms.

We faced concerns about being able to safely distribute resources to our families and came up with innovative solutions that ensured our families needs were being met.

Through your generous contributions, our staffs unabated efforts and the patience and support of our families, we have persevered and are now enacting reopening plans that align with Boulder County Public Health's guidelines and regulations.

During this crazy time in our lives it is very easy to let the stress, worry, and unknown be at the forefront of our thinking. For this reason, we asked what were the "Positive Outcomes" during the pandemic and wanted to share some highlights with you:
  • "So many of the teachers have pushed themselves and reached outside of their comfort zones to provide remote learning for their children and families. I believe these are skills that will continue to be a benefit to our program even after we are back in the classroom." -Infant/Toddler Curriculum Coordinator
  • "The strength the staff has exhibited has supported families and children as much as ever, allowing us to stay true to our mission." - Family Service Director
  • "As much as I prefer not to do on-line teaching, it has given me ways to think of the "T" in STEM or STEAM learning and incorporate technology ("T") in the classroom." -Head Start Teacher
  • "You have all continued to teach my child and have helped them grow from the safety of our own home" -WPC Family
Service Spotlight
We had/have so many growing needs as a result of the coronavirus, but are so moved by our community's continued support. We have collected donations for formula, diapers, pantry staples, learning kits, computers for families and are now focused on purchasing materials for reopening next week.

A sincere thank you for those who invested in others during a challenging time for all individuals. We are thankful that we were able to continue providing both education and resources to our students and families, despite the challenges and variables. This couldn't have happened without you. Thank YOU!

*If you are interested in making face masks for our teachers and Preschool Students, please contact
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