St John’s 2018 Facility Campaign
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David Weir, Senior Warden
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ROOMS 217 & 218



  • Holy Land Video
This Sunday, June 24, we will show a one hour video entitled "The Holy Land, Israelis and Palestinians Today", produced by Rick Stevens. It features an overview of the various groups who live in Israel, as well as a focus on several of the places we will be visiting on our trip to Israel in January. The video will be shown in Carol's office at 10:50 AM. All are welcome, whether you are going on the Israel trip or not.

  • Book Study on Israel meets next Thursday!
As many parishioners from St. John's will be traveling to the Holy Land in January, we would like to start a book study this summer to learn more about Israel and the places we will be visiting before we go. Those not going on the trip are certainly welcome to join this book study. Val Tucker has purchased some of the books from the recommended reading list and has graciously offered to lend them out. These books are in a container in the library. If you would like to borrow one, please sign it out so she will know who has what book. People are encouraged to read different books, and we can share what we have learned when we get together. Hopefully, we can get together at least a few times over the summer. Let's meet for the first time on Thursday, June 28 at 7:00 PM in the library. If you want to join us but can't come on this date, please let Carol know. We will set future meeting dates at this first meeting.

  • Mission Trip
Lindsay Jones, daughter of Sandy and Dan Jones, will be going on a mission trip to Haiti from July 12-19 with youth from Epiphany Episcopal Church in Oak Hill. They will be helping with a Vacation Bible School and cleaning up an area for a library. They need some financial support for this trip. Checks can be made out to Epiphany Episcopal Church, with "Mission Trip" in the memo line. You can give the checks to Carol who will get them to Lindsay. Lindsay was baptized and confirmed at St. John's. Everyone who is under 19 when they are confirmed receives a $200 voucher from the Diocese of Virginia to go on a mission trip. Let's support Lindsay and the other youth going on this mission trip to Haiti!

  • Western Fairfax Christian Ministries
Each Sunday, we collect food for Western Fairfax Christian Ministries. The need for food continues through the summer, but the supplies on the shelves at WFCM dwindle during the summer months. Many people go out of town during the summer and do not donate as much food as during the winter months. Please help keep the shelves of WFCM stocked with food this summer so no one who needs food cannot get it. Please bring your donations on Sunday and put them in the baskets by the front door.

  • Education for Ministry
The first year of EfM has come to a successful conclusion. Congratulations go to Durinda Smith, Val Tucker, Patricia McPherson, Walt Cooner, Bob Faithful and Craig Staresinich who have completed Year One. EfM is a four year program of bible study and theological reflection. These 6 people will be returning next year but we have room in our group for up to 6 more people. The commitment is for one year at a time and the group meets every Monday night from 6:00 - 8:30 PM from September through June. The cost is $375 per year, which includes all the materials. We are accepting registrations now for the fall. Interested? See Carol as soon as possible.

  • Congratulations to our graduate!
Our congratulations go to Jack Yagerline who graduated from Oakton High School. He will be attending James Madison University School of Music in the fall, with a focus in composition.

  • May Vestry Highlights
-Model to replace the broken HVAC unit was approved, pending funding
-2018 Facilities Campaign goals, communication and time frame were approved
-Tiger Team of Vestry volunteers will meet to address outstanding issues on possibly having a child care center at St. John's.


We can prepare our hearts & minds
by reading ahead
for the Sunday Service lessons.      

The Fifth Sunday
after Pentecost

June 24, 2018
9:30 AM 

 The First Reading: 1Samuel 17:32-49
Rather than trusting his eyes and common sense, David knew that God had called his people Israel to follow him in faith, with trust. Even when king Saul should have known that God was with them, he faltered.

The Psalm: 9:9-20
The Epistle: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13
God's grace has come to us at a great cost: not to us, but to God. This grace is a precious gift, but to be cherished, used well, offering our own lives in gratitude for God's mercy.
The Gospel: Mark 4:35-41
Outward conditions may be fearful; our lives may be full of chaos. Keeping Jesus in the stern - the deepest point and the center - of our lives will allow us to weather trials and suffering, whatever the result. God will be present.

  FROM 10:50 - 11:50 AM
(Rm. 205) 
During the Service
 Each week, St. John's children join with three of our Ministry Partners: 
Fairfax Chinese Christian Church, Wellspring UCC & Grace Baptist Church
We offer 3 classes:
PreK: Rm. 205; 
K - 6th grade: Rm. 207/208;
 7th - 12th grade: Rm 206
Today we remember all who are refugees around the world. To watch a short video by our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, CLICK HERE

A second letter from Bishop Shannon Johnston:
Bishop Johnston has written a second letter to the diocesan family, answering a few of the questions that were raised in the first letter. To read his letter, CLICK HERE
Episcopal Diocese of Virginia Supports Ecumenical Statement on Separating Immigrant Families
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
A broad coalition of leaders from across all faith traditions, including The Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, released a statement (below) calling on the U.S. government to end its policy of separating immigrant families. We Bishops of Virginia strongly support this statement and commend it to your attention.
 Please join us in making your voice known to your congressional representatives. 
The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston, Bishop of Virginia
The Rt. Rev. Susan Goff, Bishop Suffragan of Virginia
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church is joining other faith organizations in a statement urging the U.S. government to stop its policy of separating immigrant families.
Below is the full statement signed by dozens of faith organizations. Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, president of the Council of Bishops, signed on behalf of the Council.
Recently, the U.S. Administration announced that it will begin separating families and criminally prosecuting all people who enter the U.S. without previous authorization. As religious leaders representing diverse faith perspectives, united in our concern for the well-being of vulnerable migrants who cross our borders fleeing from danger and threats to their lives, we are deeply disappointed and pained to hear this news. 
We affirm the family as a foundational societal structure to support human community and understand the household as an estate blessed by God. The security of the family provides critical mental, physical and emotional support to the development and wellbeing of children. 
Our congregations and agencies serve many migrant families that have recently arrived in the United States. Leaving their communities is often the only option they have to provide safety for their children and protect them from harm. Tearing children away from parents who have made a dangerous journey to provide a safe and sufficient life for them is unnecessarily cruel and detrimental to the well-being of parents and children.  
As we continue to serve and love our neighbor, we pray for the children and families that will suffer due to this policy and urge the Administration to stop their policy of separating families.
Church Vitality and Stewardship Day is This Saturday!
Saturday, June 23 | 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Aquia, Stafford

At its heart, stewardship is about "using the gifts God gives us to do the work God calls us to do." Come with your entire leadership team to cultivate and nourish momentum across all ministry areas. After all, churches with a vibrant congregational life are also churches that are vibrant in giving. 
The day will open with remarks by our bishops, followed by  engaging workshops  and roundtables. Join us to connect with lay and clergy leaders from every corner of the Diocese of Virginia. We look forward to seeing you there!  Register

Sign Up Here to be an altar server *, or to donate flowers for a Sunday service, or to bring refreshments for Coffee Hour after the service. * (if you're not an altar server, and would like to be a Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM), a Lector, or a Crucifer, please see Carol).
  • "We know that food can be one of the most expensive items on a household budget list. Our hope is that in allowing our clients to visit once per month they will save enough money to pay for other expenses such as rent or utility bills." - WFCM
  • Items are collected weekly in the baskets at the front door of the church.
WFCM requested foods this month:
Currently Needed Items
Food & Beverages
  • Pasta Sauce
  • Canned carrots or beets
  • Vienna sausages
  • Sugar
  • Canned pasta
  • Chili
  • Canned fruit (no pineapple needed this month)
  • Oatmeal
  • Black beans
  • Dry lentils
You can visit the WFCM website to see additional items listed:
Court Appointed Special Advocates Needed
Bilingual speakers are needed by CASA to support children under court supervision due to neglect or abuse. For more information, speak with parishioner Denise McCarthy, who has done this work in the past. You can also google CASA for more information.
  • Update on 'Footsteps of Jesus' Program; Trip to the Holy Land
  • Jan. 29 - Feb. 7 2019

Last Chance!!
  We have 27 parishioners registered with St. George's College in Jerusalem. We are allowed a maximum of 40. St. George's is now back-filling the extra 13 slots. If you would like to go on this trip, you may still be able to secure a spot with our group; please let us know quickly and by registering and paying the $500 deposit. 

Fall 2018 - Joint Parish Educational Meeting at St. John's in Centreville
Fall 2018 - Joint Parish Educational Meeting at Emmanuel in Delaplane
November 2018 - 50% payment due to St. Georges
December 2018/January 2019 - Joint Parish / Send off Dinner (and final information)
January 29 - February 7, 2019 - Pilgrimage
Walt Cooner
Lee Johnson
Barbara Tourtelot
Andrew Wade
Every Wednesday evening, we have a service of Holy Eucharist and healing at 6:00 PM. The service is about 30 minutes. It is a perfect alternative for those who cannot come to church on Sunday mornings, as well as a good spiritual boost in the middle of the week. Come join us!
I nvitation
Jesus demonstrates a hopeful, abundant life marked by change and transformation. Jesus welcomed all kinds of people as beloved of God including women, children, foreigners, tax collectors, prostitutes, those sick and outcast. Jesus challenged cultural and religious labels and limits by loving everyone freely and inviting them further into life.
-Br. Luke Ditewig
My email address is,
and the office number is 703-803-7500. 

May our ministry together spread God's love to all whom we encounter.
      - Carol

        The Rev. Carol Hancock, Rector
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