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helmet-goggles December 1, 2017

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The Last Two Weeks at Tailwheel Town
The  www.tailwheelersjournal.com website is up once more.  Many of you could access it, but you may have noticed t hat it never changed.  That's because I couldn't access it to post new articles.  Now I can!

Anybody Got Some Old Scott Brakes?

It occurs to me that some of you might have what I'm looking for in the dim recesses of your hangar or shop.  I'm trying to put together a little demo unit of a standard Scott brake cylinder.  I have the nose parts for this classic heel brake that I've removed while putting one of Steve's "brake booster" units in my PA12.  But I'd like to put together a stock system in order to demo it to some of the high school students.  Can you help?

We've Been Flying!

Winter has come to Tailwheel Town, but it really hasn't stopped the serious students.  Alan Gatward comes to mind.  Alan has bided his time and swoops in from up north when the weather looks good.  His Master Class is coming along great.

Lacy takes her daughter for one of her first flights as a private pilot. (photo courtesy Lacy Waldron).

For those who follow Ladies Love Taildraggers, Lacy Waldron posted an entry with a picture not too long ago.  The picture (above) shows Lacy and her daughter, Harley, after earning her Private license in a T Craft.  I think it's one of the best examples of why LLT is so great.  It serves as a source of encouragement to women who have the desire to fly well and Tailwheel airplanes kind of demand that.  Congratulations to Lacy and to Judy Birchler, the founder of Ladies Love Taildraggers .

New Article on the site

This week's new article is " Why Landings?"

Sometimes we wonder why we must spend so much time in the pattern and why landings are so stressed. This article may explain that, but more importantly, it will describe some maneuvers we can perform WHILE practicing landings that will make us all that much better!

The Tailwheel Town Cessna 140 practices some one-wheel work during landing practice.

I'll have a link to an older article in a couple of weeks after I've had a chance to recover from our down time.  In the meantime, explore the site, enjoy the winter and HAPPY SWOOPING!



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