MAY 2020

Another month has passed and we have many exciting things to share with you!

The team is back in the field with new safety protocols, we're updating our online presence and we're finding new ways to reach out to you, our community, as we all focus on getting the hang of our new normal. (Scroll down for a fun coloring project to share with kids of all ages.)

We hope you've been following along on Facebook and Instagram as we share our weekly Motif Monday posts and photos of our team back in action in the field. For old times sake, we're also sharing some #ThrowBackThursday posts on our social media to reminisce on the wonderful things we've accomplished over the years!

We hope you and yours are all safe and well as we head into the Texas summer.

All the best,

Jessica Lee Hamlin
Executive Director
After seven weeks at home working on reports, the archaeological team is ecstatic to be back in the field.

Aligning with CDC guidelines and in consultation with the Val Verde County Sheriff we defined social distancing and protective gear protocol for our archaeologist. Now, we can head back into the field to resume baseline documentation for the Alexandria Project and reach for the goals we set in January.

We're reunited with the rock art and it feel so good!
Our first priority is always the safety of our staff. Our mission is to preserve these incredible ancient "books". We're doing both... and making it look easy!
This fall Shumla Archaeologist Jerod Roberts will be returning to his Alma mater Texas State University.

Jerod has been accepted into the Texas State University Graduate Program to complete the degree of Master of Arts with a Major in Anthropology, focusing on Archaeology. His goal is to develop a thesis utilizing the extensive dataset collected through the Alexandria Project and during his nearly six years at Shumla.

Dr. Carolyn Boyd will be his Graduate Advisor, directing his research topic and serving as the Chair of his thesis committee. 

Jerod first learned about the rock art of the Lower Pecos in 2013 when he volunteered to come out and help a graduate student with an excavation during Spring B reak. A little detour led them to see some rock art, a career defining moment for Jerod. He recalls feeling immediately awestruck as they entered the first shelter. It was clear to him that this was something of incredible importance, something he wanted to understand. The endless questions flooded his mind on that day and started him o n this path.
Jerod returned in 2014 to complete a internship at Shumla and joined the team full time in 2015. Now it's time for an exciting new chapter as he pursues a Master's in Anthropology.

Join us as we wish Jerod all the best in his studies! We can't wait to see what he uncovers through his research! Go Jerod!!!
In an effort to take full advantage of our work from home set up, we've brainstormed ways to bring educational content to the comfort of your home. Every month we will be releasing a new coloring page, along with a little history behind the image and what we know about how it was painted by our ancient ancestors.

As you know, our organizations primary goal is to digitize and preserve these ancient works of art through thorough documentation making our data available for scholars and students alike to study for years and years to come.

The goal of our Coloring with Shumla coloring page series is to introduce a bit of what we know about these particular murals with a whole lot of fun!
Our first coloring page is of an iconic figure from Halo Shelter, named for its many figures painted with the same halo-style headdress.

Can you imagine how much planning must have gone into painting these murals one color at a time? 

 Click here to download your very own Halo Shelter coloring page! Click here to view the Gigapan and get a closer look at the image to reference while coloring (you'll have to zoom to find this spot).
Be sure to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram. We can't wait to see your version of the Halo Shelter coloring page!
The Final Passage  is an immersive 3D film experience that takes you on a virtual walk through Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave and its extraordinary 36,000 year old rock art. Lions, mammoths, rhinos, bears and half-human - half-animal figures come to life in this never-before-seen, hyper-realistic digital reproduction.

In the context of the current pandemic and of national lockdowns, when Rock Art sites and their replicas are closed to the public, film producer Martin Marquet took the initiative to invite film director Pascal Magontier, Jean-Michel Geneste and the Rock Art Network to join him in making The Final Passage a gift to the world, with free and unlimited online viewings. As of last Friday over 60,000 people globally had viewed it!
It’s such an incredible experience to “walk” through the cave as the painters did and watch the light, pigments and painted forms change as you (and your flame) move from chamber to chamber.

The film will be available until June 7th. Don't miss your chance to experience it for yourself!
Don't miss out on the incredible opportunity to attend a Q&A event this Sunday May 31st at 1pm (MDT). Join Jean-Michel Geneste, Martin Marquet and Shumla's Carolyn Boyd as they discuss the film The Final Passage.
Here's how to attend this online event:

1) Sign up by clicking the button below
2) You'll receive access to stream the film via email
3) Watch the film prior to the event!
4) The  Center for Contemporary Arts Santa Fe , who is putting on this event, will send you a link to the Zoom Q&A.
In these challenging times, we’re incredibly moved by the community surrounding and supporting us. Together, we know we can accomplish anything. Nothing will stop our rescue mission of preserving the ancient rock art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Southwest Texas.

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