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Complete Used List at the bottom of this email
  • Cordoba Fusion 12 Natural CD Nylon String Acoustic-electric CA Guitar $599.00
  • Cordoba 45 Limited Espana Classical Guitar w/ Case $1,149.00
  • Cordoba C1 ProtegeClassical Guitar w/ Bag $  189.00
  • Cordoba C5-CE Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar $  459.00
  • Cordoba C5SP Classical Guitar Spruce Top $  329.00
  • Cordoba Fusion Orchestra CE CD Nylon String Guitar $  849.00
  • Cordoba GK Studio Negra Acoustic-electric Nylon String $  699.00
  • Ukulele Player Pack Concert $79.00
  • Cordoba Soundhole Cover Black 86mm $18.99
  • Cordoba Polish Cloth Microfiber Ivy/Brown $8.99
Cordoba Classical Guitars

Buy a Cordoba classical guitar and get a FREE classical guitar sound hole cover or Microfiber polishing cloth while supplies last if you mention this offer
Blackstar headphone amps $49

Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly Bass Headphone Amp Black $49.99

Blackstar amPlug 2 Fly Headphone Guitar Amp Black $49.99

Mackie CR3-X Studio Monitors (Pair)  $99.99
Mackie CR4-X Studio Monitors (Pair)  $  149.99
Mackie ProFX6v3 Mixer w/ USB  $  149.99

Yamaha Studio Monitors $25 OFF each when buying a pair (only when you buy a (pair)
HS5 $199 each
HS7 $319 each
HS8 $369 each
Computer interfaces for recording

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2 / 2 Gen 3 interface  $109.99
Mackie Studio Bundle w/Monitors,Mic,H.phones  $249.99
Mackie Onyx Producer 2-2 USB Interface  $179.99 Mackie Perf. Bundle w/ Mixer,Mics,Headphones  $299.99
M-Audio 192|4 USB Audio Interface 2x2 192hz  $109.00
Earthquaker Devices
Acapulco Gold v2 Distortion Pedal $129.00
Afterneath V3 Reverb Pedal $199.00
Run Delay and Reverb Pedal V2 $299.00
Devices Hoof Germanium Silicon Fuzz Pedal $179.00 Plumes Small Signal Shredder Overdrive $99.00 Rainbow Machine V2 Polyphonic Pitch Pedal $229.00 Spatial Delivery v2 Envelope Filiter, Sample,hold $199.00
AKG K240 MKii Studio Semi-Open Headphones  $149.00 AKG K72 Closed-back Stereo Headphones  $49.00
AKG K92 Closed-Back Studio Headphones  $59.00 Hamzer Headphones  $14.95
Mackie CR-Buds High Performance In-Ear buds $19.99 Mackie CR-Buds Plus High Performance Ear buds$39.99
Mackie MP-220 Pro Dual Dynamic ear buds $149.99
MEE audio M6 PRO G2 Earbuds  $49.99
On-Stage HA4000 Pro 4-Channel Headphone Amp $36.95 Sennheiser HD 200 Pro Headphones  $ 69.95
Shure SE112 Sound Isolating Earbuds Gray  $49.00 Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earbuds Black  $99.99 Shure SE215 Sound Isolating Earbuds Clear  $99.00 Shure SRH240A Professional Headphones  $59.99
Shure SRH440 Headphones  $99.00
Shure SRH840 Headhones Pro Studio Monitoring $149.00
Marshall 20 watt Plexi made in England!

Marshall SV20H 20watt all tube head with matching SV212 2x12 vertical slant cab. Normally the head sells for $1299 and the cab for $799, buy them together for only $1999. Both Head and cab are brand new and come with full factory warranty. 

So you are a tube snob. Well you better ad one of these to your collection

Ibanez Tallman series of basses

Ibanez Tmb100 Talman Bass Seafoam Blue $199.99
Ibanez Tmb105 Talman Bass Black $  249.99
Ibanez Sr300 Bass Cerulean Aura Burst $  349.99 Ibanez TMB30 Talman Bass Mint Green $  189.99
Drum Shield 4" x 96" 4 Panel  $299.99
These are for drummers however they can be used for partitions in many environments.
Will work as drum shield amp shield counter top height or office desk height dividers
Yamaha GigMaker
Standard Steel String Guitar Pack
Includes Yamaha full size steel string acoustic guitar, case, strap, picks, tuner itc.  $179.99 
Yamaha SLG200S Silent Guitar -
steel string or nylon string  
Pearl Export drum sets $100 OFF

Pearl Export EXX 5-Piece Drum Set
High Voltage Blue, Grindstone Sparkle, High Voltage Blue, Jet Black Pure White, Smokey Chrome. We have some in 20" and some in 22" bass drum configurations. Cymbals not included on Pearl Export sets. Reg. $799
Pearl Roadshow $499
Complete drum sets with cymbals, stands, throne, sticks and more $499.99
Aqua Blue Giltter 20" Drum Set $499
Bronze Metallic 22" $499
Charcoal Metallic 22" $499
Jet Black 20" $499.00
Wine Red 20" Drum Set w/ Cymbals

Pearl Roadshow Jr. 5-Pc. Jet Black Drum Set w/ Cymbals good for ages 3-8 $299.00
Tama Iron Cobra Bass pedal

HP200PTW Tama Iron Cobra 200 Double Bass Pedal $  199.99

HP30 Tama Single Drum Pedal $59.99

Used Tama Bass Drum Pedal $    39.95
Tama Superstar CL 7pc Shell Pack Stain Walnut 22/8/10/12/14/16/14s #CL72SPTWP
List $1748 Reg discount price was $1049
sale Now $875
Electric drum sets
Yamaha DTX432K Electronic Drum Set $599.99 last one at $100 OFF
Roland TD17KVS V-Drums Electronic Bluetooth Mesh Drum Set $1,199.99
Roland TD17KVX electric drum set with pair of hats stand cymbals $1799
Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Set Dual Mesh w/Stand $699.99
Used Roland TD-11K Drum Set $599.99 Used Roland TD-6V Set AS IS $349.95
Alesis Forge set with pedal $  329.95
Used roland V-Drum Rack only $99.99
Eastman DM1 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Natural w/Gig Bag  $1,065.00
Eastman PCH3-GACE-CLA Spruce/Maple w/ Fishman w/Gig Bag  $  449.00
Eastman E20OM-SB Solid Rosewood back and sides Adirondack spruce top OM model burst Top W/Case  $1,409.00
Eastman E20D All Solid Rosewood Adirondack Dreadnougt W/Case  $1,409.00 Eastman PCH2-GACE Grand Auditorium Spruce/Rosewood w/Pickup,Bag  $405.00

Eastman Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Eastman DM1 Gypsy Jazz Guitar Natural w/Gig Bag  $1,065.00
Zoom and Rode
These are the only models we have in stock right now. First come first serve

H1N hand held recorder $119
H4N hand held recorder $229
H2N hand held recorder $169
H3VR Zoom H3-VR Virtual Reality Audio Recorder w/Ambisonics H3VR $349

Rode M5 pair of recording condenser mics $199
Rode video mic go $99
Little Parlor guitars or cowboy guitars

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy 24" Scale Acoustic Guitar 2-Color Sunburst $169.00
Martin Guitars
Martin 000-12E Koa Ac-El Guitar w/ Soft Bag  $1,249.99 
Martin DC-X2E Rosewood Ac-El Guitar w/Gig Bag $699. 
Martin DCXAE Black Dreadnought Ac/El $679.00 
Martin DJr-10E Left-Handed 3/4 Ac-El w/ Gigbag $599. 
Martin DJR10E Sapele Dreadnought JR. w/ Bag $599.
Martin DX1KAE Koa Dreadnought Ac-El $599.00 
Martin DX2E Koa Dreadnought w/ Gig Bag $599.00 
Martin DX2E Rosewood Dreadnought w/Bag $599.00 
Martin GPC13E Grand Perf. Cutaway w/Bag $1,299.00 
Martin GPCX2E Macassar w/PU w/ Bag $699.00 
Martin HD28 Dreadnought Guitar W/ Case $3,099.00 
Martin HD35 Dreadnought Acoustic w/ Case $3,299.00 
Martin LX1R Little Martin w/ Bag $399.00 
Martin LX1RE Little Martin w/Elecs w/Bag $449.00 
Great selection of Martin Guitars in stock
Financing available

Tanglewood Special Purchase

Tanglewood Acoustic Roadster II Folk Acoustic Natural Satin finish straight acoustic with a featherweight hardsehll case Twr20 $199.99
Tanglewood Special Purchase
Tanglewood Acoustic Mahogany Dread Crossroads Series TWCRDE $199.99
Tanglewood Tw4 Black Acoustic $249.99 Tanglewood Tw4 Burgundy Red $249.99 Tanglewood Tw4 White Acoustic $249.99 Tanglewood TW5DCE BK Black Ac-El $249. Tanglewood TW5DCE WH White $329.99
Kids Guitars
Yamaha CGS102A 1/2 Size Nylon String Acoustic Guitar $129.99
Yamaha JR1 3/4 Steel String Guitar with Bag JR1 Jr. $149.99
Yamaha JR2 3/4 Sunburst $169.99
Amigo classical 1/2 and 3/4 guitars built in Romanian violin factories $149
1/2 or 3/4 nylon string Chinese guitars $99

We also have a lot of travel size model guitars great for adults and travel models or back packing and work well for youth
Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Jr Jet Electric Bass Walnut $  299.99

Gretsch G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II short-scale TSB $  299.99
Fender Squier bass packs-These could be the last we see until late fall. They are complete with a full size bass, amp, cord, strap, case and more

Squier Bass Pack PJ Bass Black $329.99

Squier Bass Pack PJ Bass Sunburst $329.
Fender Squier Short Scale Basses
Squier Bronco Bass Black $  199.99 Squier Bronco Bass Torino Red $  199.99
One of a kind Blowout Basses

Tobias Toby Deluxe-V Bass Vintage Sunburst was $349.00

W arwick Rockbass Corvette $$ 4 Red Satin was $1,199.99 Now $499

Spector Performer 4 String Bass Limited Edition Purple $399

Danelectro 64' XT Guitar Cream w/ Red Pickguard was $549 now Sale $399.99

Eko 295 Simi hallow body Guitar
B-stock was $399.99 Now $100 off Sale $299.99
Fender bass guitars

Fender American Performer Jazz Bass - Satin Surf Green $1199
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass 3 Tone Sunburst  $924.99
Fender Jazz Bass Player Series 3-Tone Sunburst  $  699.99
Fender Jazz LH Player PF 3TS Bass  $  699.99
Fender JBass Amer. Orig. '60s CAR  $1,999.99
Fender J-Bass Vintera '60s Firemist W/ Gig Bag  $  999.99
Fender PBass Player 3TS MN  $  699.99
Fender PBass Player Silver PF  $  699.99
Fender PBass Player Tidepool MN  $  699.99
Fender Player Jazz Bass V 3-tone Sunburst $799.99
Fender Alternate Reality Sixty-Six Electric Guitar, 22 Frets, Maple Fingerboard, Daphne Blue  $899.99 $150 off
Fender Amer. Perf. Strat Rw Artic White w/Bag  $1,149.99 Fender Duo Sonic MN Desert Sand  $  599.99
Fender Lead II Player PF Crimson Red Trans  $  599.99 Fender Lead III Player PF Metallic Purple  $  599.99 Fender Limited Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster HHH - Olympic White w/ Gold Hardware  $  899.99
Fender Player FSR Telecaster Electron Green  $  699.99
Fender Player Tele Left-handed Sunburst  $  699.99
Fender Player Tele Mn Capri Orange  $  699.99
Fender Strat Amer. Pro Olympic White  $1,399.99
Fender Strat Amer. Pro Rw 3 Tone Sunburst  $1,449.99
Fender Strat Amer. Pro. Sienna Sunburst w/Case  $1,549.
Fender Strat FSR Amer Pro Lake Placid Blue Ebony fingerboard  $1,599.99
Fender Strat HM Ltd. Ed. MN Flash Pink  $1,199.99 Fender Strat HM Ltd. Ed. RW Ice Blue  $1,199.99
Fender Strat LH Player MN 3TS Electric Guitar  $  699.99 Fender Strat Player 3TS PF  $  699.99
Fender Strat Player Buttercream MN  $  649.99
Fender Strat Player Plus-Top AChBrst MN  $  724.99 Fender Strat Rarities Thinline HSS Myst Seafoam Green RW  $2,499.99
Fender Strat Vintera '50s White Blond W Bag  $949.99
Fender Strat Vintera '70s Natural W/ Gig Bag  $949.99 Fender Strat Am. Pro Ltd. 2019 Fiesta Red  $1,699.99
Fender Tele Amer Ltd. Ed. Cabronita AZGold  $1,899.99
Fender Tele Amer. Elite MN Satin JadePrlMet  $1,899.99
Fender Tele Amer. Perf. Vintage White w/ Bag  $1,149.99
Fender Tele Chris Shiflett RW SHG  $  724.99
Fender Tele Player 3-Tone SB PF  $  699.99
Fender Tele Player MN Polar White  $  699.99
Fender Tele Player MN Tidepool  $  699.99
Fender Telecaster Amer. Perf. Rw Honeyburst  $1,149.99
Fender Tele Fsr Thinline Ebony Daphne Blue  $1899.99
Victor Litz Music is single handedly bringing back the 80's

Kramer Baretta Special Candy Blue Electric Guitar $  179.00
Kramer Focus VT-211S Electric Guitar Pewter Grey $  129.99
Kramer Nite V Plus Alpine White Floyd Rose $  659.99
Kramer Pacer Vintage Electric Guitar Tiger $  759.99
Kramer The 84 Alder Electric Guitar Blue Metallic $  799.00
Kramer The 84 Alder Electric Guitar Radiant Red $  799.99
Jackson Dinky Arch Top 7-String JS22 Satin Black $  199.99
Jackson Dinky JS11 White $149.99
Jackson King V JS32 Matte Army Drab $  299.99
Jackson Rhoads V JS32 Black w/ White Beveled Edges $349.99
Jackson Rhoads V JS32 Ivory $299.99 Jackson Soloist SL3M Pro Series Rainbow Crackle $1,099.99
Jackson Soloist SLX DX Satin Red Swirl $  749.99
Jackson Soloist X Series SLX Orange Crackle $  699.99
Used BC Rich guitars
Buy them now as these are going up in value. We spoke with BC Rich new owner and tand he said all new BC Rich guitars will be starting at $999
B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock Tribal Black $249
BC Rich Bich Late 80s Black $399
B.C. Rich Son Of Beast Black/Red $249
B.C. Rich Warlock WG5T Black $299
Squier Contemporary series $100 OFF
Stratocaster HH Blk was $349. $100 OFF
Stratocaster HH red was $399 $100 OFF
Tele HH Black was $399.99 $100 OFF
Tele HH Red MN was $399.99 $100 OFF
Tele HH Pearl White was $399.99 $100 OFF

Squier Mini Strat Black $  179.99
Squier Mini Strat Pink $  179.99
Squier Mini Strat Red $  179.99

Fender G10 10 watt practice amps only $59
Eastman Mandolin F style 300 series $745.00
Eastman Mandolin MD515 F-Style Classic Sunburst w/Case $1,064.00

Stagg Mandolin Black $109.99
Stagg Mandolin M20 Basswood Violinburst $109.99
Stagg Mandolin Red $  109.99
Stagg Mandolin Sunburst $109.99
Stagg Mandolin w/Pickup Redburst $149.99
Washburn M3E Mandolin Pack includes cse and extras Sunburst $379.99
Recording King Lap Steel w/ Humbucking Pickup Sunburst $  229.99
Recording King Maxwell Series Round Neck Resonator Vintage Sunburst $  399.99
Recording King Dirty 30's Series 7 Acoustic Guitar, Single 0 Parlor $189.99
Recording King Dirty 30s Series 9 Single 0 Acoustic Guitar $229.99

Mahalo Concert Ukulele Vintage Natural
was $54.95 Blowout Sale $39.99

Mahalo Tenor Ukulele Natural wood ukulele with gloss finish gold hardware and a FREE gig bag List $99 we have about 40 of these to sell Blowout Sale $49.99

Speaker stands

On-Stage Compact Speaker Stand Pack 37"-60" 60lbs regularly  $87.95 

Special $69.95 a set

Stagg RiotBox8 8" battery powered speaker with Bluetooth $139

Stagg Re-volt 12 Battery Powered PA with Bluetooth $249

QSC, Mackie, JBL powered speakers
qsc powered speakers
Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Pedal Lowest Price in the World $25 off
Boss RC-1 Loop Station Pedal $99.99
Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Pedal $ 49.99 Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer $179.99
Boss TU-3 Tuner Pedal $ 99.99
Boss WL-60 Wireless System $279.99
Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal $199.99 Maxon OD808 Keeley Mod Overdrive $199.
Maxon OD9/808 Guitar Overdrive $159.99
MXR Carbon Copy Delay was $229. Sale $199
On-Stage PedalBoard w/Bag GPB3000 $88.95
On-Stage Pedal board bag mini GPB2000 $52.95
On-Stage Pedalboard large with bag GPB4000 $104.95
TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal $118.99
Boss multi effects pedals IN-STOCK!
Boss GT-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal $199.99
Boss GT-1B Bass Effects Processor $219.99
Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal $299.99
Last chance to get the old price on TC pedals

TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Polyphonic LED Guitar Tuner Pedal w/Buffer Now $119.

TC Electronic Polytune3 Mini Tuner now $98.00
New Fender Baritone necks coming soon
Fender Locking Tuners Black Stratocaster/Telecaster Tuning Machines $ 79.99
Fender Locking Tuners Chrome Stratocaster/Telecaster Tuning Machines Set $ 59.99
Fender Neck JBass Mpl Med Jumbo $  249.99
Fender Neck JBass PF Std $  249.99
Fender Neck PBass Mpl Med Jumbo $  249.99
Fender Neck PBass PF Std $  249.99
Fender Neck Strat Maple '70s Classic $  299.99
Fender Neck Strat PF Std $  249.99
Fender Neck Tele Maple '72 Thinline $  299.99
Fender Neck Tele Mpl Med Jumbo $  249.99 Fender Strap locks by Schaller W/Buttons Chrome $    14.99
Fender Strat Body 3-Tone Sunburst Strat body $  249.99
fener necks and bodies
Fender Strap Hootenanny Hendrix Woodstock Festival Reg $26.99 
Sale $19.99
Fender Straps with Logo all the cool color combinations $17.99
Gretsch Straps 3" Leather $59.99
Gibson Straps in stock $18 to $80
Martin high end leather straps $49 to $89

Levy's Guitar Straps over a million to choose from  $19.99 and up
Casio CTX3000 keyboard $  299.99
Casio CTX5000 keyboard $  499.99
Casio LK-S250 Casiotone 61-Key Lighted Key Keyboard $  169.99
Casio PX-S1000 Privia 88-Key Digital Piano $  649.99
Casio WK-245 76 Key Workstation $  229.99
Korg microKEY2 49-Key Compact Usb MIDI Keyboard $    74.99
Korg microKEY2 49-Key Compact Usb MIDI Keyboard $  159.99
Korg microKEY-37 37-key Usb Keyboard Controller $  119.99
Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer $  499.99

M-Audio Oxygen 25 MKIV USB Midi Keyboard Controller, 61-Key $  139.00

M-Audio Oxygen 61 MKIV USB Midi Keyboard Controller, 61-Key $  229.00

Includes all this software
DAWs including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and many more.
Casio CDPS350 Digital Piano 88-Weighted Keys
A newly-designed scaled, weighted hammer action keyboard delivers the response of a traditional grand piano, with simulated ivory and ebony key textures  $  549.99 
Yamaha MX-49 Digital Keyboard $  499.99 Yamaha MX-61 Digital Keyboard Black $  699.99
Yamaha MX88 BK 88-Key Synthesizer $1,099.99
Yamaha NP-32B 76-Key Portable Piano $  299.99
Yamaha PSR-E363 61-key Portable Arranger $  199.99
Shure PGA48-QTR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone w/-QTR (guitar jack) Cable $39.00

Shure PGA58-XLR Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone (With XLR Cable) $    59.00

Stagg Microphone USB Dynamic $ 44.99

Stagg Sum40 USB Studio Mic $ 74.99

These plug straight to your computer!

 Samson C01 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone back is now back in stock
$79.95 no stand or arm at this price
Hosa 1/4"Ts to 3.5mm Trs Adaptor $2.99
Hosa Adptr 1/4" TRS (F)-3.5MM TRS $2.99
Hosa Adptr 3.5MM TRS (F)-1/4" TRS $2.99

Available on-line for now
Start now and continue in the future in person in our lessons studios
As we get back to having you our valued customers in our store. We may need to limit the amount of customers in at one time. We may also need to limit the amount of time customers can stay in order to help everyone in a timely manor.
Starting Friday June 19, 2020 Mon. - Fri. 10-8 Sat. 10-6 Sun. 11-5
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