Life Choices - November 2017

New Building, New Brand, New Energy
       Since late 2014, we started a long-term project to move and grow the ministry, to find a new physical location to put our main pregnancy center (the 101 W. Market St. location of A Woman's Choice Resource Center) and our life skills ministry (Necole's Place) under one roof.   With the help of our Facilities Team, we found and started to "reckon" with this building, the former home of the Louisville Chapter of the American Cancer Society.
          Like any nonprofit ministry, we launched a building campaign.  First, it was just to get the building paid for.  But in 2016, it became a comprehensive campaign to pay for not just...
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April is Not a Victim
From Despair to Hope and Dreams that take to Wings!
Volunteer Appreciation Brunch Re-Cap
The room was filled with a sea of faces, each one telling a different story, all from different backgrounds and life experiences, but all brought together with a heart to serve others...
Expanding Our Territory
Looking back on this year we are so thankful and looking toward year-end...
Prayer and Praise

We are Praising and Thanking God for:
  • Our new building
  • The turnout of supporters at our Grand Opening
  • Our Pro-Life governor who attended and spoke at the Grand Opening
  • The increase of walk-in clients due to our new location
  • Successful hiring of more medical staff in our pregnancy center

We ask Prayers for:
  • Staff & volunteers to settle into the new building and corresponding changes in the ministry
  • New building kinks continue to be worked out
  • No hindrances for clients coming in to either location
  • Medical issues of clients
  • A client's infant son who was bitten in the face by a pit bull
  • Clients currently in chemical dependency programs
  • A client grieving the adoption placement of her child
  • A client just getting back on her feet and now hit with overwhelming expenses
  • More volunteers to come and serve
  • Several open staff positions to be filled
  • God to lead more people to support the ministry at year-end to pay off renovation expenses

BsideU for Life 
Pregnancy & Life Skills Center