Spring Update from Holy Cross

Have you heard our news? We're excited to announce that we're building the House of Grace! For many years we've dreamed of having on-site accommodation for clergy to use to help in our school and the local community, and now it's happening. Read on and find out more about what this means for Holy Cross and the San Mateo community.
The House of Grace - a dream come true
What is the House of Grace?
The House of Grace is a small home located on the eastern edge of our school, providing accommodation to facilitate longer term clergy to help grow the Anglican community in San Pedro. The home is named after our former Principal, Ms. Grace Williams who passed away several years ago.

Progress on the House of Grace
Construction has already begun, thanks to a very hard working team from St Michael's Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was fascinating watching the foundations, walls and roof go up.

Keep an eye on this link as more photos will be added over time.
Spring Break Volunteers
Easter Fun at Holy Cross
In addition to construction, the team from St Michael's also ran the annual Easter Vacation Bible School, and were delighted to find how the older students are naturally growing into the role of junior helpers.

The Recycling Challenge is on!
Dawn from San Pedro Clean and Green challenged our students to a recycling competition for the month of May. Whichever class collects the most recyclable glass and plastic wins a pizza party. Day 1 saw several bags of recycling collected. The first Monday saw this much collected by just one class! Well done students!

Meet our Middle Division Teachers
We have some new faces at the school - with three new teachers this year, our middle division has a lot of new energy.

Our staff have followed many paths to reach our classrooms, and it's fascinating to hear how they developed their love of teaching and their favorite memories in the classroom.

In case you missed it, you can meet our Infant Division and Upper Division teachers, too.
What's new on the Wishlist?
With the end of the school year coming up we're preparing for the new school year. This means we need:
  • Shoes - all sizes, closed toe tennis shoes for boys and girls age 5+
  • Class sets of books (Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter, Sachiko, Out of My Mind)
  • School supplies for children
  • Supplies for teachers - markers, chalk, clear packing tape, paper

See our full list here!
Thank you once again for your support! We can only do what we do thanks to YOUR help! Don't forget there are many ways you can help from afar...

  • Mention our name to anyone travelling in Belize or interested in Missions

  • Donate via the Holy Cross Education Foundation to support building projects, urgent maintenance, give general funds or support a student.
  • Pray for our staff and students.

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From all the staff at Holy Cross School we wish you a warm and pleasant spring.
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