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It's Pride Month! 

And we're celebrating, too. 

On May 16, 2016, the National Juvenile Defender Center launched a year-long campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision, In re Gault, that guaranteed children the right to an attorney in juvenile court. Nearly fifty years later, the promise of Gault has not been realized. 

As part of our campaign, we're identifying monthly themes to elevate important issues, crises, and communities that are impacted by the juvenile justice system. This June, we're proud to celebrate #PrideMonth to bring attention to the experiences of LGBTQ youth in juvenile court. Our young people, and particularly LGBTQ youth of color, are too often pushed into the court system because of discriminatory policing, prejudice, and a lack of sensitivity and understanding of their realities. 

Will you stand with us to ensure  all children receive trained and specialized attorneys who will fight for their rights in court Please take a moment to pledge your support by sharing our message on social media and endorsing the #GaultAt50  Statement of Principles . The full #PrideMonth Toolkit including posts and graphics is available on our website. 

Sample Tweets: 
  • It's #PrideMonth! Endorse the #GaultAt50 Statement of Principles b/c #LGBTQ youth should never stand alone in court. bit.ly/1sipBGs
  • #JuvenileDefenders are front line advocates for #LGBTQ youth. Let's ensure they receive effective support. #GaultAt50 #PrideMonth
  • #LGBTQ youth make up 7% of the youth pop, but 20% of those in the #juvjustice system. Join #GaultAt50 to protect ALL kids. #PrideMonth
Sample Facebook Posts:
  • LGBTQ youth, and particularly LGBTQ youth of color, are too often pushed into the juvenile justice system out of prejudice and a lack of understanding and sensitivity to their realities. In honor of #PrideMonth, we're standing with the @National Juvenile Defender Center and the #GaultAt50 Campaign to ensure all young people can access skilled attorneys who will fight for their rights in court. Get involved at  www.gaultat50.org!
  • Misconceptions and biases against LGBTQ youth negatively impact how they're treated in the juvenile justice system. We must ensure children have attorneys to protect them from harm. Join [your organization] and the #GaultAt50 Campaign in honoring #PrideMonth and standing with #LGBTQ youth! bit.ly/1sipBGs
  • More than 60 organizations have signed onto the @National Juvenile Defender Center's #GaultAt50 Statement of Principles. In honor of #PrideMonth, we did too. Ensure #LGBTQ youth caught in the juvenile justice system receive the respect and support they deserve. Join the movement and endorse today! bit.ly/1sipBGs 
For more information on LGBTQ youth and their experiences in the juvenile justice system, see the below sample resources authored by expert advocates and researchers.
  • Hidden Injustice
    • National Juvenile Defender Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and Legal Services for Children
Children are our most vulnerable defendants, and they need great lawyers. Unfortunately, far too many children continue to stand alone in America's courtrooms. Please help us fulfill the promise of Gault by joining the campaign today.

We look forward to working with you!


Kim Dvorchak
Executive Director
National Juvenile Defender Center

PS - With your generous support, let's bring the Gault at 50 Campaign to the fifty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to ensure all children have access to skilled, specialized counsel. Please consider making a donation today!

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