We can do so much more because of the generosity of people like you. Our mission is to provide over the weekend food for 800 Putnam County School students each week of the school year.

Join FTN at the 4th Annual Fall Bash!

Be a Bash Sponsor!

Find out how below! Contact 386-937-3862

This is the breakdown for the weekly food cost for each child we support every school week. There are 36 weeks in the school year, multiplied by 800 kids, it comes out to a monetary value of $172,800 each year! This is why we hold the Fall Bash each year, it is our biggest fundraiser! Please consider sponsoring and/or attending this year, you won't regret it.

March Jelly Drive

Thank you to Peniel Baptist Church and Beulah Baptist Church for having a March Jelly Drive!! Thanks to Christ Independent Methodist Church, Trinity Baptist Church and Grace Community Church for your continued support collecting the much needed items each month!

April - Volunteer Shining Star Richard Pickis!

Richard is a loyal volunteer with FTN! He volunteers weekly doing various tasks as needed. He has been a valuable volunteer for over a year now! Recently Richard and his wife helped manage the fair booth covering several daily shifts. Thank you Richard for ALL you do and being our Volunteer Shining Star!!

Putnam County Fair

Thank you to all that helped make the 2023 Feed the Need Putnam County Fair Booth a huge success! There were hundreds fair patron participants that learned about the great mission that Feed the Need is on! Check out some of the fun in the pictures!

Congressman Mike Walsh stopped by the Feed the Need of Putnam County Fair Booth and talked with board member Jackie Porter. He was impressed with all that FTN does to feed kids locally!

Painting the New Building

Keith Fleetwood of Helping Hands, along with his son, painted the front of the FTN building last month. A big shout out of appreciation for stepping up to give FTN a hand painting this part of the building, to offset our total cost of painting the whole building! It takes a team to get the job done, thank you Keith for being a part of that team! The building looks great with its new facelift! 

Rising Food Prices are Hurting Kids and Families

Although middle-income families are adapting to the rise in food costs as best they can, many surveyed families shared they’ve been skipping meals to make sure their kids are getting enough to eat and making drastic changes to how they feed their children. One in 5 middle-income families reported that they or their children have skipped a meal in the last year due to rising food prices. 

As inflation impacts the cost for other necessities like utilities, gas, rent, and clothes, more families are living one unexpected expense away from hunger. One in two middle-income families say an unexpected car repair or medical bill made it harder to afford enough food for their children.

This is why support of organizations like Feed the Need is vital to helping struggling families.

Facebook Fundraisers


Facebook fundraisers are an excellent way to support FTN! Just click Resources & Tools, pick create a fundraiser, & select which organization you want to support!! Please choose Feed The Need of Putnam County for your next Birthday Fundraiser!!

Great Nonprofits


A great way to help Feed the Need is to share your Feed the Need story! Just click the logo above to go to Great Nonprofits website and share your story! We are truly grateful for our FTN Family & for this commUNITY!! 

Submit a Google Review


Submitting a Google review is a quick and non-monetary way to help Feed the Need! Giving a good review and sharing your experience or thoughts about FTN will help others in the community to be aware of the great things FTN is contributing to Putnam County Students. Click the Google icon above to submit your review.

Memorial Sponsorship


FTN's sponsorship program lets your loved one's memory continue in a positive way. Please contact Denise Bramlitt (386)937-3862 or email FeedtheNeedPutnam@yahoo.com if you would like more information about our sponsorship program. Sponsorships may be made in someone's name to honor the memory of someone you love.

Feed The Need of Putnam County, Inc.

(A 501-C Nonprofit Organization)

Phone: 386-937-3862

Mailing Address: PO Box 1321, Palatka, FL 32178

Food Donation Drop Off: 110 N State Rd 19, Palatka, FL 32177

Email: feedtheneedputnam@yahoo.com

Website: feedtheneedofputnam.org

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